"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." ~~Thomas Jefferson

"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

11 June 2022

Propaganda Defined...

I believe that the Democrats are doing a hell of a job propagandizing January 6th.  

It started with Nancy quietly slipping the words "insurrection" and "coup" into the subconscious minds of the public and then running with them the moment she was sure that the media and her fellow Leftists believed that narrative and would be willing to regurgitate it.  

Then refusing to allow Republicans to be on the committee unless she was 100% certain that they would tow the Leftist line.  "If you don't agree with me, there is no place on my committee for thee".  Not very democratic.

Now we have the "produced for prime time" televised hearings.  The hearings are obviously scripted and well-rehearsed.  And there is no credible Conservative to provide an honest counterpoint.  It isn't allowed.

These people have propaganda sewn up better than Goebbels had it in the Reich...  They are experts, and it's working, with very few exceptions.

How do we fix this?  How do we not lose our Republic to the Leftists?  How do we relearn that we are all Americans and that we are in this together?  

It would be difficult to argue that either Party has the best interests of The People as their priority.  This is 100% Nancy Pelosi going after Donald Trump.

How did politicians become so powerful?

What's going on?

And honestly, I've never been a paranoid person, but I no longer feel safe writing this blog.

What to do, what to do... 

29 May 2022

They had a plan...

A School Resource Officer was required to be on site at all times when students were present.  

A mandate that all doors that open to the outside of the building be closed and locked when classes were in session.  

Simple rules that were put in place to prevent school shootings.  Because, well, because school shootings happen.  But they are rare.  Statistically they don't happen often enough to be a blip on the radar.  That's probably why a teacher at Robb Elementary School propped a door open while class was in session, because it will never happen here in the quiet little town of Uvalde, Texas.

And where was the SRO?  Lunch at Mac's? Out driving around?  "I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved". 

Vigilance was not a priority that day.  As Thomas Jefferson said... "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance".  

19 LEOs standing in a hallway for an hour, listening to the perp shooting in the classroom, purportedly waiting for a key.  Uvalde apparently spends 40% of the annual city budget on law enforcement.  They have a SWAT team.  I don't know if they train, or if they just like the tacti-cool uniforms and equipment that goes with being a member of the "Tactical Team"?  One thing that struck me as soon as I heard that they stood in the hallway waiting for a key...  No Breaching Bar?  WTF?  How the fuck can that happen?  One of the primary training scenarios for any tactical team, military or civilian law enforcement, is breaching and forced entry and the tools required to implement that action.  And yes, the bad guy on the other side of that door may be armed and dangerous.  That's why you have all that cool gear and that high dollar training.  But no breaching bar?  C'mon...  Seriously?  If the situation sounds too dangerous for you, find a different line of work.  Grunt or cop isn't gonna be your thing.  

So the national conversation has turned once again to restricting the Constitutionally recognized right of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.  No talk about the failures of the sound plans that were in place to prevent this.  Human error.  They fucked up.  Those who failed, and there are a lot of them, will live with their lapse of judgement for the rest of their lives.

Yes, the responsibility for pulling the trigger belongs to Salvador Ramos and no one else.  Daniel Defense is not responsible for these horrendous deaths simply because they manufactured the weapons that Ramos used.  The Gun dealer who sold the weapons to Ramos, a legal purchaser, is not responsible for what Ramos did with them.  The government didn't fail when they approved the sale via the NICS background check system.  Every single entity in that series of events followed the law.  That law is very restrictive, as far as gun dealers go.  Ramos pulled the trigger. Ramos is responsible.

The teacher who violated policy by propping the door open bears some responsibility.  The SRO who was not on site when Ramos started shooting bears some responsibility.  The law enforcement community was an utter failure.  The 911 dispatcher who took Ramos' grandmother's call, then a few minutes later took 2 calls regarding shots fired at the funeral home across the street from the school apparently failed to put 2 and 2 together...  The list is long.  There is a lot of blame to go around.  Some of the actions, or non-actions, of local LE and school personnel were likely criminal and they need to be investigated and prosecuted if found to be so.

The policies that were in place in the Uvalde School District were in response to previous school shootings.  They were created and implemented after much national hand wringing, as well as critical thought, in order to make schools safer.  These legitimate policies were ignored by the people who were charged with enforcing them.  And people died.

I hope the investigation is thorough and honest.  I hope it lays the blame for the killings on Ramos, and recognizes that the policies and procedures that were created to prevent this type of tragedy were ignored, giving Ramos an opportunity that otherwise would not have been available to him.  The responsibility for everything beyond Ramos pulling the trigger lies with the failure of a whole lot of people who were negligent and who should have known better.

This is a case of top down catastrophic failure.  I pray that it is not swept under the rug.

And still... no one is asking "what causes our children to want to kill each other?"

I pray for God's grace and comfort for the dead and the loved ones left behind.  


25 May 2022



What is wrong with people...

When you trust your government enough to want them to be the only ones with guns...?

Too extreme?

How about;

When you trust your government to make all of the rules regarding guns...?

Still too extreme?

Lets try;

When you trust one party, one ideology, to create all of the rules governing guns?

Who is asking;

Why do our children want to kill each other?  

There have been 13 "mass" casualty events in our schools since 1966 when records started being kept on the subject.  The first "mass" shooting at a school in the US didn't actually occur until 1989.  15 people have perpetrated those 13 events.  

Anyway, as horrible as I feel about the loss of life, I cannot understand the lack of willingness to engage in honest, responsible, truthful dialog that isn't colored by emotion or ideology.  

Gun control can't solve the problem.  To solve the problem, we must find the source.  Why do our children kill each other?  Why are we so unwilling to do that?

A link, if you are inclined to read...


17 April 2022

He is not here...

 ...as He said


15 April 2022

It is Finished...

                    Patricia Brintle


Zero Sense...


25 March 2022

Though it's hard to tell...

 ...it appears the Ukrainians are hanging on.  

I'm not a strategist, but I do know that there has to be bold action along with thoughtful planning to assure success in battle.  The US is overly fearful of what Putin might do.  That seems painfully obvious.  There seems to be a fear of being forced to take bold action, if whatever less bold action we undertake makes escalation become necessary.  Meanwhile, people die.  And Putin is still a threat to the entire world.  I guess that time will tell. 

But what do I know? 


09 March 2022

Change of Address...


The Lithuanian city of Vilnius has changed the name of one of its streets.  The Russian Embassy now needs to order new letterhead and business cards.

Rock The Fuck On.

Anyone reading this who lives in Washington D.C., NYC, Houston, or San Fran?  Perhaps you should contact your mayor and suggest renaming the street that the Russian Embassy is on in those cities Ukranian Heroes Street?  Or Volodymyr Zelenskyy Boulevard? Just a thought.  Keepin' it real.


In A Land Far Away...


"We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other's children" ~~Jimmy Carter

Ukraine is begging the world for help.  Help to save its very life.  

The world is standing by, watching, doing the safe thing.  Applying sanctions.  

I pray that those sanctions work.  I hope it is enough.

But in the days and weeks and months ahead, while we wait, Putin will continue to kill Ukrainians with impunity.

Every day the Ukrainian people resist, alone.  Putin's war against them will become more violent.  The targets will become softer.  More civilians will be targeted and will die.  More infrastructure will be destroyed.  Putin will stop at nothing to destroy the will of the Ukrainian people.

And if Putin prevails in his war against Ukraine...  Well, if that happens I'd hate to be Latvia. Or Lithuania. Or Estonia.  Poland and Czechoslovakia may not even be safe from Putin's aggression.  USSR v.2

This has happened before.  Same part of the world.  It isn't Jews this time, but it's the same.  Putin is thumbing his nose at the world right now, daring us to get involved.

And while we admit that the world is shrinking, that the economy is global, that diseases can affect every human being on the planet as fast as a jet can fly from point to point, we claim that the Ukrainian fight is not our fight.

But it is, whether we admit it or not.  Vladimir Putin is a bad actor.  He is a threat to world peace.  And we're going to watch, like we watched Hitler in the 30s.  Because Ukraine doesn't belong to our Home Owners Association.

Watching the events in Ukraine right now is, to me, like watching a bully beat the life out of my younger brother and me being unable to step in and prevent it.



06 March 2022

You would have had to know her...


This popped up in my fb memories this morning.  I laughed and cried at the same time.  

Judy would sometimes make comments that were waaaaayyyyyyy out in left field, out of the blue.  Sometimes unintentionally. Sometimes to get a reaction.  She was eating peanut butter toast and drinking chocolate milk.  I was having cereal and toast, coffee with cream.  

She delivered this with the straightest face.  I tried not to laugh.  A question disguised as a statement.  She didn't preface it with "Remember..."  I delivered my "yeah" without emotion.  She knew what I would say.  She finished her statement.  I about died laughing.  Like I said, you would have had to know her.


I can't think of a title...

 I like Elton.  I like this song.  This video is... sad.  And hopeful. And representative of the human condition, in my opinion.

I lost my Judy coming up on 5 years ago.  An ER doctor made a mistake.  He didn't listen closely.  He didn't do his "due diligence".  He made some assumptions that were wrong.  He had all of the information that he needed to not cause my wife's death.  Whether you want to believe it or not, male doctors treat women differently.  

Anyway.  Judy loved music.  I love music.  Sometimes the music moves me closer to my Judy.  I still love her.  I miss her.

This song, this video... they can make me smile.

But...  life is strange.  And it goes on.  "We, the living..."


05 March 2022



So, there was a fella commenting on this meme:

"Nicholas B. The US media has it's faults, but there's a WORLD of difference between it and the Soviet, er I mean, Russian media. It's kind of shocking how so many people don't seem to realize this false equivalence. It's like saying getting medical advice from a 20-yr old's YouTube channel is just as good as advice from a doctor with 30 years experience."

Nicholas appears to be a nice enough guy.     His political ideology seems to be different than mine, which is ok.  He appears to believe that the government checkbook is the appropriate answer for solving every social problem.  Whatever.

It's  just a meme...



04 March 2022

I know it's hard...

I know it's hard.  I spent over half of the $250 that I took home each month from my job in the Army on rent.  I was young.  We were young.  We wanted to be together and we were willing to do whatever it took to make that happen.  Even if it meant being broke all the time, barely able to pay the bills...  Judy was good at juggling things and making sure that the utility bills were always paid before they got shut off.

I know it's hard.  I know that rent is still expensive today.  And groceries.  And gas.  We lived through the 70s.  55 mph speed limits.  Gas rationing to odd and even days based on the number on your license plate.  Stations out of fuel, long lines.  And it was expensive.  The price of gasoline went from less than 40 cents a gallon to a dollar a gallon in about a year.  But we figured it out.  We worked extra hours.  Judy took a job.  It was crazy, but it's the way it was.

And it isn't the Boomers doing it to you, though we're easy to blame.  Boomers have been retiring for the past 20 years.  It's your parents who hold all that property, and your peers.  

The next big thing will be rising interest rates... Worse than the early 80s when we thought that we were "all that" when we were able to get a mortgage at 13% while the going rate was 14%... These young folk think there is a housing crisis/rent crisis now? Hold my Beer! Give it 6 months... 'ol Joe.
Anyway, I don't know what changed.  We grew up believing that we had to work for what we wanted.  You had to figure it out...  ;)
Anyway...  just rambling.


It could never happen here...


27 February 2022

Don't wait...


Of course, if you love them, let them know...  

Either way, when they're gone, they're gone.


26 February 2022

24 February 2022


Leftists are bullies. It's part of what makes them Leftists. There was honor in "Liberalism", once upon a time. There are very, very few Liberals around these days. I don't know many of them.  I doubt you know many...

There are, OTOH, Leftists everywhere. Like roaches.

And, like roaches, they stick their head out every once in a while, looking for something to destroy, but scurry for cover when confronted with the Light.

Liberalism in America gasped Its last breath with the implementation of the New Deal.  

So, anyway, please...  There is a difference.  Words have meaning.


Not a Leftist...

23 February 2022

Is the sentiment too extreme...?

 Snagged from a friend's fb post...

I think it's pretty much accurate.  The sad part is that the criminals in government have to know that they are violating the law.  Yet they continue to do it.  But they don't see themselves as criminals.  And the People continue to elect them.  So... who is stupid?

Happy Hump Day.