"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." ~~Thomas Jefferson

"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

25 March 2012

Financial Armageddon....

The Sun Also Sets
 By Mark Steyn

I was in Australia earlier this month and there, as elsewhere on my recent travels, the consensus among the politicians I met (at least in private) was that Washington lacked the will for meaningful course correction, and that, therefore, the trick was to ensure that, when the behemoth goes over the cliff, you’re not dragged down with it. It is faintly surreal to be sitting in paneled offices lined by formal portraits listening to eminent persons who assume the collapse of the dominant global power is a fait accompli. “I don’t feel America is quite a First World country anymore,” a robustly pro-American Aussie told me, with a sigh of regret.
Well, what does some rinky-dink ’roo-infested didgeridoo mill on the other side of the planet know about anything? Fair enough. But Australia was the only major Western nation not to go into recession after 2008. And in the last decade the U.S. dollar has fallen by half against the Oz buck: That’s to say, in 2002, one greenback bought you a buck-ninety Down Under; now it buys you 95 cents. More of that a bit later.

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The economy has been talked about here in the Blogosphere since Bush II.  obama has gone crazy with the debt and the spending.  No other administration in history has spent as much as obama has, either in total dollars or as a percent of the economy.  The addition of 6 trillion dollars in debt in 3 years and 2 months defies the ability of the mind to comprehend it.  The debt is approximately 66% greater now than it was when obama took office.  That is an undeniable fact.  Talk to his supporters, the beneficiaries of his largesse, and they will put a positive spin on it.  They believe their spin. 

Never before has an entire Congress, an entire government, no...  an entire people sat back and watched an economy collapse around them and not raise a finger to stop it. 

There is only one way that this can be stopped.  One way.  That is for the government to take over and control every single aspect of our economy.  EVERY ASPECT.  Think about what that means.  Wrap your little brain around that, if you can...  THE GOVERNMENT WILL TAKE OVER EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE ECONOMY.  Capitalism is on her deathbed.  Free enterprise will disappear.

This has been the goal of obama and his Liberal cronies from the very beginning.  To collapse the American economy so totally and so completely that there is only one way out.  The current administration is now waiting for "the people" to ask obama to save us.  They are waiting for the people to demand that the government take over the entire economy.  Everything about it.  No more private enterprise.  We are at that point.  Our government owes more than the entire economy creates.

The people will make that demand.  Soon obama will present himself as the only one who can save us.  Soon the people will turn their lives over to the Collective. Soon we will end the dog and pony show that's currently taking place amongst the politicians and their parties.  It doesn't matter if the Ds or if the Rs are in power.  The end goal is the same.  All in the guise of saving us from ourselves.  We aren't smart enough to take care of ourselves.  We need our Rulers to make the hard decisions for us.  Look around you and see all of the Useful Idiots who gave them the power to do what is being done today.  In any group of 10 people in this country today, 5 are looking forward to this happening.  Most of those same 5 take more than they produce.  "Equality" is the professed goal.  Everyone will have the same.  Well, everyone other than the Elites and the Apparatchiks.  They are "a little more equal" than the rest of us.

Sounds like fiction, eh?

The election is less than 8 months away.  Will it happen?

Any relatively intelligent junior high school student can figure out that Amerika is coming to an end.  Politicians  continue to take more than we have and to spend more than they have.   They know what they're doing.  They know exactly what they're doing.  They know that they have destroyed America.  The end is just around the corner.  America and the industrialized world are beyond repair.  They were supposed to be destroyed.  They have to be destroyed in order to create the "One World Economy and One World Government".   There is no other way.

The people who support obama (and those like him) look forward to the the collapse of Capitalism.  They think that there is a better world on the other side.  :)  It ain't happenin', bay-bay.... 

Not only have they been taught the Marxist mantra, they believe it.  It's their religion.  A religion without hope.

I hate to be such a "downer".  I hope I'm just not seeing clearly and that I am totally wrong.

Stay safe


R. Sieker said...

Bingo! You have won!

Every day, all day and in all ways this is about nothing more than a few controlling the many for personal gain. Whether that be through attaining the power to do so through a political position of any stripe, or through the accumulation of wealth and thereby influence or a combination thereof.

We may either be a perpetrator or a victim in this contest, but rest assured there is no in between. I am a victim and unless you are seeking a level in the control mechanism, you are as well. We, the victims, are losing ground and the repercussions will be horrific when en mass recognition of the game afoot becomes clear and actionable expressed through physical resistance. A brief respite and the game will begin again. But when in history has this never been the case?

Mull that over and get back to me. In the interim, as you say, "stay safe."


Blue said...

I agree with what you say, Richard.

I want to control no one, only my own destiny.