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30 September 2012

On the recommendation of Wraith...

I had to run over to Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits to get a bottle.  Good choice, my friend. 

It gives you a nice warm glow...  :)

I recommend you drink it with ice.  Don't ruin it with a mixer (why would you, right?).  Very good.  Smooth.

Thanks for the recommendation, Wraith.

Stay safe.


Wraith said...

Just doing my part to spread some joy. Lord knows, we need all of it we can get these days. ;)

Blue said...

Ya done good! Thank you!

Ironwill III said...

Ah yes, Tullamore Dew. My first experience with TD was when I went to Europe in 1992 to do some backpacking with a couple High School buddies.

Long story short, my next door neighbor gave me $40 to bring back a bottle of TD, as it was not yet being imported into the US. Found and bought a bottle at the duty free shop on the ferry from France to Ireland. Carried it the rest of the trip (about 2 weeks) and flew home. I had to hide it in the lumbar cushion portion of my backpack when coming back through customs...I wasn't 21 yet. Got through with no problems and my neighbor was so grateful, he gave me a single shot of the stuff. Was it worth all that trouble? Oh yeah!

Blue said...

Ironwill... I'm glad I didn't have to go through all of that to get a bottle. Definitely good. :)

RangerNick said...

TD is my refreshment of choice, good call.

Blue said...

RangerNick... Tasty stuff! :)