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11 September 2013

Biker Rally...


Last I heard, 880,000 bikers converged on D.C today with more arriving every minute.  That was the National Park Police's estimate early this afternoon, which they qualified as "probably being low".  Some of the videos I saw were pretty impressive.  There was nothing about it in our local paper or on our local news.

I don't know about the million muslim march...  I heard from one source that 21 people showed up.  Another source said "less than 400".  I guess that 21 is less than 400.  Maybe they just got off to a slow start?


Borepatch said...


Anonymous said...

The muslims were too busy stoning and beheading their wives, at least the ones that survived their wedding night, to make it to Mordor on the Potomac.

*Islam, Stuck On Stupid Since 622*

Miss Violet

Blue said...

Borepatch... He's one funny dood, playing the part of the fool.

Miss V. ... You seem to be on your game tonight! :)

Anonymous said...

Blue, I wish it were a game. So many enemies, so little time....

Miss V

Blue said...

Resist. Yes, indeed.