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14 April 2014

Objects don't commit crimes...



Old Bob said...

I have a mattress sitting on my bed that has been there for several years, and has yet to commit a misdemeanor, let alone a felony.

Anonymous said...

Rule of three plan to deal with the gun grabbers

Most preppers should be familiar with the ‘rule of three’ – this means having one main method of an important function and a backup for it and a backup of the backup. It doesn’t necessarily entail 3 versions of the same thing but distinctly different ways of accomplishing a priority task.
In the case of personal security arrangements, the main or level 1 version would be firearms within easy reach within a structure. These would be the primary weapons used for hunting and defence.
And while it’s been said that the time to hide weapons is the time to bring them out, the rule of three would dictate that a level 2 backup of the primary firearms should at least be considered. There are no guarantees as to the future but unknown threats such as governmental seizures or devastation of a structure must be considered in all plans and preparations.
Level 2 backups should be outside the immediate area but easily accessible in an underground or similar storage cache. The weapons should be set in waterproof PVC piping or the similar waterproof containers with additional scrap metal and scent distraction materials scattered about to foil determined searches. The presumption here would be that even with destruction of a home or bug out location or search and seizure operation a set of weapons would still be immediately available to the prepper.
Level 3 backups are a step removed from level 2 in that this backup is set at a distance and without a personal connection to the prepper. This means an underground cache on raw land unlikely to be disturbed in the near future. No personal connection means weapons purchased privately beyond the government’s prying eyes.
Advantageous level 3 locales would be places where the cache would likely remain undisturbed, has a ready supply of decoy material nearby and relatively accessible. Long lost junkyards or metal dumping grounds would a good choice as well as rural backwoods with their requisite amounts of discarded trash. Such places would readily discourage searches with metal detectors and in the case of rural road frontage be of such vast amounts as to make detection of the cache highly improbable. Weapons destined for level 3 caches should be of the lower cost realm and lacking a pedigree lest they be inadvertently discovered.
Just as an aside, when data is stamped in materials such as metal, the stamping process tends to place the molecules a fair distance beneath the data under stress. This stress can manifest itself in form of visual indications even after the data has been abrasively removed. Grinding the material down to remove the indications of the data leaves the stress in molecules below and certain chemicals – acids and the like can be utilised to determine what the data was while still present on the surface of the material. Given this interesting phenomenon, it would seem like applying additional stress on the molecules would cause this not to be the case. Writing over the data would scramble the stresses within the material while rendering the data unreadable. Hammering the data in the same region would not only remove the original data but also remove the original l data’s stress indications deep in the material. In most cases areas with a great deal of metallic debris would be less than ideal for searches of this attribute of the cache. By the same token, the inclusion of chemical propellant components should suffice the placement of similar component with similar chemicals in the surroundings. Several handfuls of spent casing from the local range should do the trick and would satisfy both decoy requirements.

In summation, it should be incumbent on the prepper to have 3 personal security backups as with every other functional task such as the procurement of water. For most preppers, firearms are a priority are a foundational basis on their survival. Loss of personal security arrangements renders all other preps useless.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, logic is beyond the grasp of many.l

MissV said...

Be careful Old Bob, they might try to get you on a prostitution charge. ;-)

As for the stuff in the photo,
uh oh, I'm in deep trouble.

Miss Violet