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20 August 2015

Participation ribbons...

I have been pretty quiet on the subject of women in combat, women in Marine Infantry Officer Basic Course, women in Ranger school...

I won't lie.  I don't like the idea of women in the ground combat specialties.  Lot's of reasons.  The most important reason is maintaining unit cohesion, good order and discipline.  None of y'all are stupid.  You can figure it out on your own.  Even if you have never been a Grunt.  Y'all can pretend that it won't be a problem. 

Just like Bradley Manning and Bruce Jenner pretend that they are girls.

They aren't.  They never will be.

David P. Sent me this link this morning. 


It is the best article on the subject that I have read to date.

Was it tough for them?  Sure.  I won't take that away from them.  

Make of it what you will.


Walter Zoomie said...

I concur. I was a pogue in a pogue comm unit during DS. God bless 'em, but in my experience the females were a distraction, to say the least, in a combat zone.

Tony Tsquared said...

I was a Commo guy my 21 years in the service and I retired over ten years ago. Women have been in Commo since before I was in. Some on the maintenance side but most on the operator side. For those in maintenance I have only seen one female who could do all aspects of the job. The ability to lift a 137 lb amplifier and hold it in place while a co-worker installs the mounting bolts or lifting and holding a satellite dish radial in place while attaching it to a mount on a hub is not a task many men can do because of the physical requirements.

Then there is the other aspect. I don't think I have been on a real world op or exercise that there wasn't some woman giving hummers in the back of a HMMWV or pinning the door on a maintenance shelter for some horizontal tango time with someone of the opposite sex or the food services E-3 that had a side business providing "services" during the build up in Kuwait of OIF or the "slightly" overweight soldier that had stomach cramps and delivered a baby in Bagram Afghanistan 9 hours latter.

In a war zone you have little to no privacy, if there are sexual relations going on everybody knows about it. It causes problems. I also haven't met a woman yet that didn't hold grudges or have favorites that didn't affect their decision process.

MADDOG62 said...

As "Barbwire" Bob Kingston said over 30 years ago in an Army Times article about women in combat: It is natural for men to protect women in dangerous situations. Nobody wants to see their mother, sister, or aunt come home missing a limb or in a body bag. Tough? Could be. Distraction? Definitely whether they want to be or not. Special treatment? You betcha - whether it's asked for or not. Again: Distraction? Yep. Distractions hinder efficiency of our armed forces. If you think this is a distraction, wait until the first LGBT, transgender, Caitlyn half-woman / half goat graduates from Ranger school. The present POTUS may even take a few days off the golf course to attend that graduation. The sad part is there will be some grinning political generals standing right next to him, smiling and nodding their heads. What have we become? Standards have fallen and we're circling the drain.

Harry Flashman said...

Women in the combat arms is a big mistake. But it's one the politicians are happy to make, especially since they can portray themselves as Knights in Shining Armor, prodding the troglodytes of the military into progressive action.

Most of the politicians pimping this never came any closer to a military uniform than a fourth of July parade.

MADDOG62 said...

Harry - your last sentence is absolutely spot on. "Professional, non-serving politicians" have no problem sleeping at night as they vote to have others fight and die to keep THEIR (not OUR) way of life. Next, they won't have a problem with a draft where children (those younger than 16) will be used as cannon fodder for the front.

MissV said...

I agree with all you gentlemen. Women can be fierce if they have to defend their homes or babies but that is not the same as acting in a professional military situation. I would not like to leave it to a woman soldier to be able to carry any of my kith or kin from a battlefield if they were wounded.

Besides, no matter who spouts off about humans being so evolved, it still boils down to biology. Humans, like every other organism on the planet, exist to reproduce. Young warriors were made for two things. Guarding the tribe and procreating more warriors to guard the tribe and women were made to birth and raise the next generation.

I'm sure that my opinion is going to offend someone, but, hey, I didn't make the rules. ;-)

Blue said...

Who ya gonna offend here, Miss V. ? :) Hope you're doing well!

MissV said...

Haha, actually I thought I might get a rise out of the woman who hates your beard, bawahahaha!

I'm well, thanks. Hope you and yours are also.

I am sick of all the smoke from the forest fires, but hey, just another day in paradise, right?

Blue said...

We are all good here! :)

Hope the smoke clears up for you soon. We had it here for awhile, earlier in the summer. Canadian fires, I believe.

Stay well, my Friend ;)