"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." ~~Thomas Jefferson

"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

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16 February 2017



As usual, the Left overdoes it when they protest.

No one I know is proposing that there be no immigration to the United States.

Most logical people want an end to illegal immigration.  They want the existing law enforced and they want immigration to be accomplished within the guidelines of said law.

So, when the Left convinces immigrants to stay home from work, just to show us how America would look without immigrants, they are playing another typically disingenuous game.

Just get the illegals to stay home from work (today and everyday).  That would enhance your credibility and it would give those few who care what an America without immigrants would look like a more realistic view.  (The quick answer is an America without immigrants would be a mostly uninhabited America.  Duh)


With each passing day it gets more difficult to take the Left seriously.


genericviews said...

"No one I know is proposing that there be no immigration to the United States."

I am.

The problem with immigration is that there are too many immigrants. If immigration was good for us, we wouldn't care if they were illegal, because it would still be good. There are only a few thousand people in the whole world that would make us a better place if they came here. And they are just fine where they are.

Blue said...

OK. You make good points.

I have a problem with immigration without assimilation. I have a problem with opening a product to find an instruction sheet with 6 different languages and they are printed so small that you need a magnifier to read them. I hate calling customer service and having the first words you hear be some foreign language.

I especially have a problem with illegals and anchor babies and all of that crap. Why should a child born here of two illegals, or two non-citizens become an American citizen at birth? 2 of my 3 sons were born in Germany. Germany does not confer citizenship upon foreigners just because they are born there. I don't know if anyplace does, besides us.

What I have always hated was people who want to come here to escape the shithole they currently live in. Why do none of those people want to stay and work and change their shithole into something like America, rather than come to America where the work has already been done??


Happy Thursday.

MADDOG63 said...

Blue - Thank you. You have articulated in a calm and rational manner the distinct difference between "immigration" and "invasion". again, the left throws around words that they don't know the definitions of or care to understand the concepts behind them. They provide the gasoline and the lame-street provides the matches by trading "reporting the news" versus "inciting / creating the news".

Anonymous said...

What gets me riled up is that the immigrants do not want to become Americans like our ancestors did. They want to continue using their native language and customs. They fly their native flags, wear their garb. They seem to resent even being here, and if it weren't for troubles in their native country, they wouldn't be here.

That is the problem with the U.S. allowing these immigrants to be here. The situation will not change in their native land because there is no pressure for their government's to want to help their population. So it continues. Our population (U.S.) has doubled since 1956, yet the U.S. land mass has not expanded. We are building in areas that are really unsuitable for residences and are in harms wa, so landslides, flooding, forest fires will continue to rise. Our infrastructure will continue to deteriorate as the expanded population puts pressure on it.

What if instead of allowing these immigrants to stay, we train them to fight their government for needed change. That would probably force their governments to at least take steps in the right direction.

It is not the fault of the immigrant that their situation is so bad. It is the fault of our government which allows them to be here.

MADDOG63 said...

Sir, what you described aren't "immigrants" but "invaders" - otherwise I completely agree with you. No assimilation, not an immigrant. as Teddy Roosevelt said, you've got 5 years to become a Citizen - then you're deported. At least the POTUS got the green card holders off their ass and apply to become Citizens. Learn English; read, write, and speak it. Pledge allegiance to the US flag. You can't have it both ways.

BTW - cut the TSA back to domestic flights only. Put the Border Patrol on airline check points in "international airports".