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30 May 2012

There are some good guys out there...

Rookie Cop Reportedly Berated, Called 'A Rat' For Arresting Off-Duty Officer

By David Schepp , Posted May 30th 2012 @ 12:55PM


toronto rookie cop arrests officer

Toronto police officer Andrew Vanderburgh felt he was doing the right thing more than two years ago when he arrested an off-duty fellow officer for drunk driving.

But after the Nov. 28, 2009 arrest, Vanderburgh was "harassed and berated" by fellow officers for seemingly violating an unwritten code among officers to remain loyal to each other, the Toronto Star reports. Other officers reportedly called Vanderburgh names, including "rat."
The off-duty cop, Breton Berthiaume, was charged with impaired driving and having a blood alcohol level of more than 0.08 percent, according to an internal police disciplinary ruling. 
Berthiaume reportedly had been driving erratically when Vanderburgh (pictured above) pulled him over. The arresting officer then took Berthiaume to the nearest police station where his blood alcohol level could be tested.

Some officers witnessing the arrest "took exception to a police officer being charged or investigated," prosecutor Mary-Anne Mackett told a court that heard Berthiaume's case this week.

A judge who previously ruled in the case in a pre-trial hearing said that an officer witnessing the incident "refused to assist Constable Vanderburgh in the arrest and preparation of paperwork at [the police station]."
Later that evening another officer, James Little, followed Vanderburgh as he left the station in his patrol car and pulled him over for purportedly running a red light, giving him a ticket.

The ticket was eventually dismissed and Little pleaded guilty to "discreditable conduct" and was ordered to forfeit 20 days' pay.

Two other officers, including a staff sergeant who failed to intervene during Little's retaliatory action, were also disciplined and were docked as much as 20 days' pay.

Original story here.


We had a local police officer stop another officer here for DUI a couple of years ago.  The guy was drunk as a skunk.  He was arrested and taken to jail.  He was found guilty and, contrary to state law, given probation.  No loss of license, no high risk insurance, no drunk driver class.  Probation.  Never even suspended.  I never could figure out how that works...

Stay safe.


Brock Townsend said...

Good man in the main story. Nothing much to say on yours, unfortunately.

BonnieGadsden said...

Well done. Take no exceptions, none are above the law.

Curtis said...

Had the same happen here a few years back. Rookie cop doing the right thing. They hounded him. Made up things about him... eventually he didn't make his probationary and kicked off. And the other cop... probation.

chinasyndrome said...

He won't last long.Can't breaK that thin blue line! Damn good man in my eyes. Cops,Judges,Preachers etc should hold themselves to higher standards,I know they are human,but!


Josh K. said...

WTF is it with this Blue Line crap. The guy that is a discrace to his uniform, is protected and accepted. The guy that uppoldes the law fairly and blindly is the outcast.

Stories like this are why the police deserve their bad rep., and why good cops are few and far between.

RegT said...

I knew a guy who worked at the Yreka PD (Northern CA) many years back who arrested a fellow cop for DUI. Another cop planted marijuana in his locker, and he was arrested for it. He was able to clear himself of the charges, but he had to leave the department, and I never heard if he was able to get hired anywhere else.

Six said...

Good man. My hat's off to him. I am totally disgusted with his fellows.