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"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

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23 July 2012

14 killed in Texas...

Updated at 5:31 p.m. ET: Fourteen people died after a pickup truck loaded with suspected illegal immigrants veered off the highway and crashed into trees in rural South Texas, authorities said.
State troopers and Goliad County sheriff's investigators were investigating Sunday's crash. A trooper told KRIS-TV, the NBC affiliate in Corpus Christi, Tex., that it appeared a tire on the truck blew out before the vehicle went off the road and struck two trees.

Authorities said they did not immediately know the names and ages of the victims.

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Cars kill people.  Suspected illegals from Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.  Tire is suspected to have blown out.

I wonder if this will get as much media time as the shootings in Aurora?  Will obama go comfort the families of the victims?  What is the difference if you are killed in a theater by a gun or if you're killed on a highway by a truck?  Both involved "illegal" activity.  Both leave you just as dead.  Why is there so much hatred toward firearms and none against all the other ways of senselessly killing each other?  Why so much hatred toward people who own firearms simply because they own firearms?  It's starting to sound like some sort of mental disorder amongst the haters. 

I'm not an "enlightened" progressive.  I don't understand.

Stay safe.


Child of the Trillion dollar wasteland. said...

When I talk about shopping for such and such type of gun, I'm so sick of the idiotic question "Why?"

Blue said...

My wife doesn't even ask "why" anymore. She understands.

Yes, I am a lucky man. :)