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Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

02 July 2012

Anderson Cooper comes out...

Rant on.

It's all over the news.  Anderson Cooper is a homosexual.

Seriously, who cares?

Why do homosexuals continually feel compelled to announce their sexual preference to the world?  Why does anyone think that the world wants to know that you're a homosexual?   Why do you crave the attention that declaring your homosexuality gets you?  "Hey!  Look at me!  I'm a homosexual!"   It's like some big secret that can't be kept.  Let's have a parade!  Or a month of recognition.  Ordered by the President.

Is it some sort of badge of honor to "come out" and tell the world that you're a homosexual?  To draw attention to oneself and one's sexual lifestyle?  To publicly identify as a homosexual?  Something that should be personal and private?


I understand the possibility of wanting to publicly celebrate or announce your accomplishments, but your sexuality? Why?

As long as we're talking about individual sexuality, how 'bout we have "Unfaithful Husband Month" and "Unfaithful Wife Month"?  It would be more PC than "Cheating Husband Month" or "Cheating Wife Month".  Perhaps just "Unfaithful Spouse Month"?  That wouldn't be as lucrative for the greeting card companies, though, to have just one month of celebration...  Perhaps "Masters and Slaves Month"?  OOPS!  That could be misconstrued as being something other than what it was intended to be.  Not PC.  Insensitive.  Better change that to "Masochists and Sadists Pride Month".  

The vast majority don't care about your sexuality until you attempt to use that sexuality to obtain special status or special treatment. It's when you start making demands that people start to notice you.  It's all about your presentation...

Those who self-identify as homosexual make up 2.5% of the population.  Homosexuals lack the numbers to make legitimate demands and they lack the numbers to be taken seriously.  Yet they do make demands.  They are taken seriously, mostly by each other, and a few who have been taught that "tolerance" is more important than substance.  Homosexuals are used by politicians to garner votes and by entertainers to get their money.

The vast majority couldn't care less if you're a homosexual.  That isn't going to change.

Why can't people identify themselves as simply "human" and leave it at that?  Male or female.  Keep it simple.  And accurate.  Keep your bedroom preferences to yourself.  I don't care what you do in the bedroom, just keep it there. 

Two guys swapping spit out in public?  I find that quite disgusting.  Why do I find it disgusting?  Because I'm intolerant or unenlightened?   Because I'm not progressive enough?  Because I'm a bigot?   LOL.  I don't think so.  Some things are just better left unseen and unimagined.  :)

You can be as homosexual as you want to be.  I don't care.  Don't make it the topic of every discussion.  We'll get along just fine.  Your homosexuality won't change my opinion of you, nor will it ruin our friendship or prevent a friendship, until you feel the need to broadcast it to the world.  Until you try to force the rest of society to accept your homosexuality as something special, deserving of special treatment.  Until you try to gain any sort of advantage due simply to the fact that you're homosexual.  Until you try to teach my grandchildren that homosexuality is "normal".   That's gonna cause a problem.

It isn't normal.  No matter how many times you say that it's normal, no matter how much you want it to be normal, it isn't.  Wishful thinking won't make it so.  Homosexuality is an aberration.  It isn't "normal".  I realize that homosexuality is real.  It happens.  That doesn't make it normal.

Do I hate someone because he or she is a homosexual?  No.  Not even close.  Some of my closest friends are black homosexuals.  :)

God gave man a penis and woman a vagina for a reason.  To procreate.  To perpetuate the species.

For the modern progressives who deny the existence of God I will rephrase that statement and say that Nature gave man a penis and woman a vagina for a reason.  To procreate.  To perpetuate the species.  It is the natural order of things.

I will also say to those modern progressives that it's my opinion that your disdain of God is due to your selfish desire to do whatever you want, whenever you want,  with whomever you want, without repercussions or restrictions, moral or otherwise.  Science doesn't really answer your questions, does it? 

What was the catchphrase of the late 60's and early 70's?  "If it feels good, do it"?  I think it finally caught on.

Homosexuals can't tolerate being simply Joe Smith or Mary Jones.  They have to be identified as Joe Smith, Homosexual or Mary Jones, Homosexual.  It's what all the "cool" kids do.  Put on your rainbow tee shirts and have a demonstration.  Demand your rights.  Not your rights as a human being, rather your rights as a "special class".  Your "rights" as a homosexual.

I suspect that in reality most homosexuals just want to live life quietly and peacefully without rocking the boat.  No different than anyone else.  It's like anything else.  It takes only a few behaving badly to bring scorn upon the many.

If you're a man and you want to smoke a pole or venture down the old Hershey Highway, have at it.  Same goes if you are a female and want to do whatever it is that you want to do as a homosexual.  I don't care.  If it makes you happy, by all means, do it.  Just keep it to yourself.  Don't tell me that I have to be tolerant of it.  Don't tell my grandchildren that it's normal.

If I am tolerant it will be because I choose to be, not because you demand that I be.

If you are a homosexual and you go about your business without feeling the need to broadcast it to the whole world, without expecting special consideration because of it, good for you.  May you enjoy a long and happy life.

If you are a homosexual and you go through life expecting special consideration because of your homosexuality, I have no tolerance for you.  You haven't proven that homosexuality is normal, only that you crave attention and desire special treatment.

Personally, I think a lot of what passes as homosexuality today is nothing more than a fad. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

It's your life.  Live it.  Deal with the consequences of your choices.  Don't tell me that I have to accept it as "normal".   I will accept it or reject it as I see fit.  Don't tell me that you deserve special consideration because of your lifestyle choices.  Don't tell me that I have to pay for it.  Get over yourself.

I think that the rise to power in Egypt of the Muslim Brotherhood, the slaughter in Syria, and the slaughter of white South Africans at the hands of their black countrymen are much more deserving of media attention and our concern than Anderson Cooper's homosexuality.  There are many issues in this country that are much more deserving of our attention than this diversion.

Tell me, when is heterosexual pride month?

Rant off.

Stay safe.


Old Bob said...

What's an Anderson Cooper?
Never heard of it.

Adrienne said...

You are sooooooo linked! Beautiful...

John Robert Mallernee said...

Actually, homosexuality is VERY dangerous to all of society, and especially to the kids who get victimized.

Similarly, adultery is also dangerously unacceptable, precisely because of its detrimental effects on the family and the rest of society.

Maybe that's why, as commanded by God Almighty, those were capital offenses in ancient Israel.

Blue said...

Bob... Anderson Cooper is a television news reporter. Old school in that he actually goes out and "gets" the story.

Adrienne... **blushing**. Thanks.

John... Exactly. That's why "progressives" have to remove God from their lives.

Hate the sin, not the sinner. :)

CDP said...

Excellent post. Hate the sin not the sinner.

chinasyndrome said...

Blue,I have to tell the world,now this is scary but I like nookie! Now that I have shared that,I think we need a National nookie day! With Parades and shit!


Blue said...

CDP... Thanks.

China... Only you, Bro. :)

Anonymous said...


Miss Violet

Blue said...

Miss V. ... I don't see what the big deal is with Cooper. Everyone has known for years that he is homosexual. I can't believe that it was that slow a news day. :)