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03 September 2013

Blows my mind...

We are fixin' to bomb the shit out of Damascus because the obama administration says the Syrian government launched rockets containing Sarin gas against their own people. 

The UN (no love lost) is taking a more measured approach and is suggesting that we gather some facts and analyze the evidence before letting the cruise missiles fly in retaliation.

It appears to be the contention of the UN (apparently backed up with evidence) that there is a very good possibility that the US backed Syrian rebels either intentionally launched those missles containing the Sarin gas that killed somewhere between 502 (confirmed by outside sources) and 1400 or so (claimed by obama) Syrian people, or a couple of dumbass Syrian rebels were screwing around with a warhead loaded with Sarin (that I can only assume they planned to use against the government of Assad) and accidentally set it off.  OOPS!  (I wonder if it's the same Sarin that Saddam transported to Syria in 2003 to prevent international inspectors finding it in Iraq?  Bush the Second's WMDs that no one could find in Iraq.  Y'all remember the non-existant WMDs, right?)

To further complicate matters, it is being alleged that the US knew that the rebels had taken possession of Sarin, that they had the means to deliver it on a target and that it was their intention to do so. Some are saying that the US knew that the attack was going to happen and that they knew when it was going to happen.  Others would say that the reason that the CIA compound in Benghazi was attacked and Americans were killed was because it was an operation to funnel weapons captured in Egypt through Libya to the US backed al Qaeda rebels in Syria.  I guess I don't really have an opinion on that.  (I thought we were fighting against al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan because they are the bad guys who blew up the WTC and created such havoc on September 11th, 2001?  Now we're backing them in Syria?  While we are still fighting them in Afghanistan?  Did I miss something...?)

Now, I don't know what is true and what is not.  I do know that Bashar al-Assad is a bad man in the same sense that Saddam Hussein was a bad man.  The same way that Mao, Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler were bad men.  Anyone that orders the wholesale killing of a group of his citizens is a bad man.  Assad has been killing his own people for years.  Of course we can't forget that the US backed rebels are comprised of al Qaeda and a shit ton of other bad people.  People as bad as Assad.  They murder Christians simply because they are Christians.  It seems that they murder whomever they feel like murdering on any given day.  I don't think that they are some "people's army".  I'm not sure whether the people of Syria support them or not.

I remember just a few short years ago when ALL of the Left were calling Bush the Second a warmonger and a cowboy.  Where is that rhetoric now?  The Left are incredibly silent now that their guy is running amok...  Or they are speaking out in support of bombing the shit out of Damascus.  Because that's what their guy wants.  obama is acting like an out of control cowboy.  Bush II was as pure as a choirboy in comparison to what we have now.

Why is obama so intent on retaliating against the Syrian government before all of the facts are exposed?  If it can be proven that Assad gassed his own people I might feel differently about the retaliatory strikes that are being proposed.

This is what happens when our moral compass has been destroyed, when we have abandoned our ethics, when we have a warmonger cowboy for a President and an administration full of people just like him...

I don't know what is going to happen when the congress comes back and votes on this matter.  If they fail to give obama the approval he desires, will he attack Syria anyway?   He will claim that it wasn't an attack, that it wasn't an act of war.  It was simply a retaliatory strike.  Kinda like your dad whipping your ass for stealing his cigarettes when you were 9 years old.

Do our politicians lie to each other the same way that they lie to us?  If they do, they must realize that they are lying to each other, the same way that we realize that they are lying to us, right?  Weird.  Doesn't seem like a very good way to run a government.  It's the NEWSPEAK that Orwell wrote about...

Remember the obama mantra as spoken by Rahm Emanuel in the early days of this administration?  "Never let a crisis go to waste".  I suspect that is what we are seeing now...

I'm tired...



Johnny Gee said...

You know it's funny that you brought up Newspeak at the end of the article- because by the middle I was already thinking " Oceana is no lomger at war with Eastasia, Oceana has NEVER been at war with Eastasia."
The biggest problem is that fully half of the voters in this country are too ignorant to even be familiar with the concept.

Blue said...

Johnny Gee... I am happy to see that someone else has read the book :)

And yes, at least half are too ignorant. I think that phenomenon is intentional. I think that those in power like it that way. Ignorance makes the masses easier to control :)

OldAFSarge said...

Blue, you nailed it.

Seems Orwell was prophetic, he just didn't get the timeline right.

Yes, I miss Bush.

Blue said...

Sarge... Yeah, Orwell pretty much had it right. Off by a few years but, in the grand scheme of things, he got it pretty close.

I hope that someone isn't using the book as a script... :)

At least Bush brought some dignity to himself and the Office.