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06 September 2013

Good news, bad news...


On a personal note...  obamacare allows "wellness programs" to make people, well, healthier.  These programs must be voluntary.  The company I work for started one last year and I declined to participate.  Why?  Well, because it's voluntary and I didn't feel like volunteering, and because I didn't want my blood being drawn here in Iowa and sent to a lab in Ohio that I know absolutely nothing about.  Not a game I want to play.

The guidelines for Wellness Programs under obamacare suggest that non-participants not be punished for, well, you guessed it...  non-participation.

There were 6 people other than myself working in my facility who declined to participate.  That sent HR and the owner into a tizzy.  They knew I wasn't going to cave but they had one final "sit down" with the other people and told them what their rates were going to be if they refused to play along.  5 of them went with the program.

I am the GM of the facility and have 160 employees.  I report directly to the owner.  My refusal didn't go over very well.  I "should have been out on the floor praising the program" and making sure that everyone on our insurance program participated.  I didn't do that.  My portion of my health insurance premium went from $120 a month for 2012 to $250 a month for 2013.  I asked why I was being punished for not wanting my blood to be drawn and sent to Ohio?  I was told that being on the program was an incentive to avoid the higher rates.   I have a complete physical every year.  I have my blood drawn for that.  My numbers are good.  I don't smoke.  Other than being a few pounds overweight, I'm in good health. 

Fuck me to tears.


It's gonna suck a whole lot more before it gets better.


Brock Townsend said...

You're a good man, Charlie Brown.

Blue said...

Or stupid :)

Anonymous said...

And the reason THEY give is that obamacare will work with people to make them healthier.....so their insurance won't have to pay for treating people after they get sick. To me, that only means they will try to screw with my lifestyle and make me stop eating burgers, drinking beer and other things they associate with poor choices!

Madison, WI
(home of beer, brats, and broad women)

Blue said...

Exactly, Steve!

(nothing wrong with beer, brats, and broad women:)

I spent last weekend in the Soldiers Grove, Readstown, Viroqua area at my wife's family reunion.