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27 November 2013

Is obama a fraud...?

From David P.

Interesting short story.  Follow the link.


Worth reading.


David P in NC said...

If someone should buy the book, I recommend buying a used copy so the author doesn't earn royalty money from the sale.

Grog said...

Fraud, Liar, Domestic Enemy, etc...

David, I wouldn't buy the book unless I needed TP.

Oops, almost forgot, Fuck Obama.

David P in NC said...

Grog, I recommend you read books like that so that you can see, first hand, how people like that think. Know your enemy. Read Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals". Again, buy it used.

Blue said...

I think obama is a fraud. Just my opinion.

I have wanted to read the book for the reasons David states... Know your enemy. Even though it is a fictional autobiography, I suspect that it gives some insight into the minds of the author and the subject and people of their ilk.

It's like the Michael Moore movies... I have never watched one, mainly because I refuse to give one thin copper penny to the dirtbag Moore. I admit that it would probably be interesting, if only to see, first hand, the propaganda that these Leftists spew and that their rabid followers latch onto as if it were some type of religious truth.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.