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25 June 2016

Who's surprised...?


Similar cover below from April of 2012...  Is the above "shopped"?  Perhaps.  Looks like a publish date on a Saturday.  I think Army Times publishes on Mondays.  Also not a military ordered date.  IE:  25 June 2016.  Ouch.  My bad.



G.W. Long said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, ...What could possibly go wrong. The entire military has been uprooted and transfigured into an Obamination. ENOUGH is ENOUGH! When will the Pentagon stand-up to this lil Bath-house Barry Bitch and his psycho rainbow cooo-coo co-harts?

idahobob said...

Oh now, that would improve the quality and performance of the Army now, wouldn't it?

My time in the green machine was from 1967 to 1977 (31E and 11B). I did not stay for the 20 or 30 that I had intended on because of the changes that the Army was instituting at that time. It has been a slow decline ever since then.

PC be damned, along with the obamarhoid and the policies coming out of the district of criminals.


Veeshir said...

We're just gonna have to hope our enemies grade on a curve.

I'm sure the Russians and Chinese will be all tolerant and fair.

Blue said...

"...and hold women to the same standards as their male counterparts."

~~~That means lowering the male standards to the current female standards, then continuing to hold females to those current standards, I assume.

Certainly not the Army I knew. Was it perfect? No, not hardly. Was it effective? Definitely. Based on what I have read over the past several years, the priority of most areas of the military is to make boys and girls feel good about themselves. Maybe I'm wrong, eh?

Anonymous said...

Which current standard are females held to today? That is, why shouldn't we expect future exemptions, waivers, carve outs from already low standards?

Melvin R said...

Obama (PBUH) is committed to destroying America and the military is a big part of that evil plot. Sadly there will be a MASCAL either in battle or training due to ill prepared troops. This not limited to women in CBT rolls but a whole degradation of the FORCE. In addition to homosexuals, next week X-crossers will be allowed in the ranks.. SEC DEF will allow direct commissioning for any Joe off the street up to O-6. To discourage long term service the long standing military pension has been replaying with a 401(K). Ash Carter seeks to reduce military service to be on par with just a regular civil service job. At the same time the number of federal law enforcement officers has risen to 200K..

Blue said...

Anon... They will always adjust downward if that is what's required to be "successful". ;)

bocopro said...

Those who believe women belong beside men in combat are completely ignorant about both women and combat.

As I said somewhere else today, I’m not so much disgusted with the military as I am with the politics governing its training, its funding, and its rules of engagement.

All branches of the military have always had their goldbricks, their dickheads, their shirkers, their troublemakers. What’s bad about today’s military is not the fact that those exist, but the ratio of good ones to bad ones. I had some great kids working for me when I was in. Smart, loyal, patriotic, eager, reliable . . . . A few were truly outstanding, and I’m sure there are those in all branches today.

But let’s say the ratio of good ones to bad ones was around 75/25 when I was in, it’s very likely more like 50/50 today, or even worse. The good ones are there, period. But whereas it usedta be “one ‘aw-shit’ wipes out a thousand attaboys,” today it’s more like “how do I cover my six for these assholes I gotta put up with.”

Problem is, of course, that it comes down from the top and many senior officers are more worried about protecting their careers or their next promotion than kickin ass and takin names on lounge lizards and sea-lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Blue, is that cover a good one? I've sent it around to some guys and some are saying its "shopped". I wouldn't put it past these bastards, but it for real? Do you know the source for it?

Blue said...

Anon... Ouch! Looks like it might be shopped. I found a similar cover for 23 Apr 12... Damn.

Also, the date would be for yesterday. Looks like Army Times publishes on Mondays, not Saturdays.

Burn. ;)


Good eye.

Genericviews said...

A few things. After a while, all the Army Times covers start to look alike. Just like Cosmopolitan covers.

It is VERY unlikely that the Army will monkey with the APFT standards since the existing standards have been quite successful so far in giving women "full credit for equal effort". For enlisted people, the PT test counts too much for promotions. Lowering the standards for men would mean an automatic promotion advantage over the women. The current system is designed to specifically prevent that and give women and men equivalent promotion curves.

Blue said...

Genericviews... Thank you for your insight. That makes sense.

Seems that the format of the cover has changed at some point between 2012 and now. :) It has been a very long time since I was a reader of Army Times...