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25 March 2017


I use to buy Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill for 33 cents a bottle at the Class VI  Store.  Just under $4 a case.  I would buy Annie Green Springs Peach Creek for 34 cents a bottle.  Just over $4 a case.  This stuff is now 3 bucks a bottle after a 50 cent price decline.  Glad I don't drink much wine anymore...  ;)


Sunnybrook Farm said...

I think that the dollars has lost so much value that really it sells for roughly the same price as back then. I would get a bottle once in a while even after I was making good money, it is a pleasant drink and brings back memories.
Anyway multiply the price something was in say 1970 by 10 and it will be close to today's prices. A coke was still a dime out of the machine plus deposit so it would be a dollar now. Of course it varies but it shows the decline of the dollar. The modern prices are starting to decline against this rule somewhat which indicates that instead of inflation we are close to deflation in some areas. Wages being a main area of stagflation or deflation unless it is the top level people.

bocopro said...

When I first went to sea in 1960, we bought Camels and Lucky Strikes for $.90 a carton. The filtered brands and stuff like Pall Mall were $1.10. Everything was noticeably higher at the base exchange, around 20 cents higher per carton. We were limited to 10 cartons, so as soon as we got underway we bought the 10 cartons and had buddies who didn't smoke buy another 10 for us.

Later in the mid 60s, I can remember buying a really cheap-ass bourbon (10 High) for 80 cents a quart. When my buddies came to my house half in the bag lookin for a drink, I'd give 'em the cheap stuff I'd poured into a Beam bottle; they never knew the diff. Beam Black was like $1.50 a quart.

'Course in those days as an E-6 I was makin only about $350 a month with allowances and had a wife and 3 kids, so a dollah bill had some clout. Sure was glad when I started collectin that combat pay in '66. That extra $65/month came in very handy, along with the overseas pay for arduous sea duty.

Anonymous said...

You want to piss of a waiting in a semi-fancy Italian restaurant? We had this annoying waiter that kind of scoffed over a wine we brought for our dinner at a BYOB restaurant.
The next time we came we asked for the same guy and gave him 2 bottles of Boone's Farm to decant.

MADDOG63 said...

I sure miss drinking it with a paper bag wrapped around it to keep it cool. Doesn't work as well with plastic.

You met the most interesting people when partaking of this up front and fruity libation while sitting in the park or under a highway overpass.