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"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

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"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

24 May 2017

Defeating Radical Islam...

"To defeat radical Islam, we are going to also have to defeat liberalism."

In the linked news article we see that Liberals worry that the killing of 22 and injuring of over 50 concert goers by a radical Muslim man will lead to more Islamophobia.

Remember the Crusades?  They were a response to 400 years of radical Islam.  I wonder if it will take so long this time to say "enough is enough"?

Yes, I realize that not all Muslims are actively trying to kill off Infidels. 

I suspect that there are some peaceful Muslims out there in the world.  Perhaps a lot of them. 

But then again, perhaps all Muslims have the same goal and are willing to let the radical arm of Islam do all the dirty work to rid the world of Infidels? 

Perhaps we are all wrong-minded Islamophobes and Islam really is a religion of peace and tolerance?


No words.  No answers.


Story here.


Dan said...

There are two types of muslims. The radical muslim who wants to kill you
and the moderate muslim who wants the radical muslim to kill you. There
are NO peaceful muslims willing to coexist with others. If they existed
we would see them going to great and obvious efforts to stop the violent
ones. You NEVER see ANY muslims actively opposing radical ones....because
peaceful muslims DO NOT EXIST. Importing muslims into your country is as
stupid and suicidal as importing Ebola.

Jeffery in Alabama said...

Well said Dan and I agree wholeheartedly.

Phil said...

There are no "Radical" Muslims. There are only "Fundamentalist" Muslims. They have their instruction book and are obliged to follow the orders.

Matt Dunlap said...

I've been accused of being an Islamaphobe before. But let's take a closer look at that word. "phobe" is derived from the Greek word "phobia", which the definition is " fear of". So in essence, Islamaphobe means fear of Islam.

I'm not afraid of Islam, in fact, fuck Islam, fuck the Koran and fuck that goat-fucking pedophile Muhammad. The real Islamaphobes are the progressive liberals who "fear" a backlash every time one of the backwards evil murderous fuckwits commit a terrorist act.

Rightfully they should be in fear of Islam, as they will be the first to be killed, stoned, thrown off buildings, and humiliated if Islam ever became dominant.