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10 June 2012

Found while cleaning...

These babies are old :)  Found them while cleaning.

I'd be willing to bet that I payed less than a dollar for them when they were new.

I'm sure they'll work just fine.

Stay safe.


chinasyndrome said...

Blue my Dad is (was) an avid hunter /shooter still does when he can gettin a bit older. He has gave us .22 and .38 ammo that was older than us,I am 50.They still shot fine.Of course we discarded any that were really corroded. I have 3 huge zip lock bags of shoot em up ammo fro m Dad. if not seriously sighting in etc. Or just letting the kids burn up some ammo its great.If its kept dry and out of really humid areas,should go bang!


Brock Townsend said...

Boxes all worn and tattered. A little faded elegance.:)

Six said...

Shoot those bad boys!

Blue said...

China... I have some old .22 around here but none as old as this. :) Pretty cool stuff!

Brock... Beautiful, eh?

Six... Oh yeah! :)