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24 June 2012


Went to see my gun guy today just to look around.  I had asked him to give me a call if he gets a used GP100 with a 4" barrel.  He hadn't called, but he had 2 used ones with 6" barrels.  I like the gun, but the 6" is more than I want.  I asked him to keep looking.

I asked if he had anything else that was neat.  He showed me a Winchester model 70 in 300 Remington Ultra Mag.  I said "No thanks".  A little too much for rabbits, if you ask me.

He then showed me the new Springfield XDs.  .45ACP, 5+1, slim and light.  I carry an XD40 Sub Compact, which is a fairly small "full sized" pistol.  The XDs is slightly smaller.  It's thinner.  It's sweet.  He said that they received 3 of them on Friday.  Their first shipment.  They sold one of them Friday night and one yesterday.  I walked away and met the wife out in the mall, ready to head home.  She asked me if I had found anything.  I told her that Blake had a new XDs that's pretty nice.  "Oh?  You didn't buy it?"

I said "no, I didn't have my glasses with me so I wouldn't be able to see to fill out the paperwork".  She told me that my glasses were in the car.   (She was looking at me like I was a dumbass.  You'd have to know her to completely understand. :)

I took that to mean that she thought I should purchase this pistol.

So, they sold their last one today.

It weighs a whopping 19 ounces empty and will fit in the pocket of my baggy shorts.  It really isn't a whole lot smaller than my Sub Compact, but it's slimmer.  1" wide, total.  If you didn't include the slide release or the take-down lever in that width, it's 7/8 inch wide.  It is just a bit shorter from the bottom of the grip to the top of the slide than the .40 Sub.

Fiber optic front sight, 2 white dots at the rear.

I think I'll like it.

I'll be more careful with this one when I go ice fishing, though...  It would be a shame for it to end up at the bottom of the lake with all of my other guns.  Me and ice fishing just don't get along.  ;)

Stay safe.


Brock Townsend said...

Looks good. Only 2 ounces more then my .357 LCR with an extra round.

Walter Zoomie said...

Nice Glock.

Brock Townsend said...

Nice Glock.

Heh!:) Another good one!:)

Blue said...


Ironwill III said...

Nice! Gonna have to look into that one.

Chris said...

Had my name in for one since they released them in March. Requested one with the "special" coating. They got the regular finish in friday,and i passed on it.
A post on how you like it would be great if/when you have time. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

What's the price on these??

Blue said...

Chris... I may go to the range after work. If so, I'll post.

Anon... MSRP is $549.99, which is higher than Springfield originally stated. I guess it would be up to your local gun shop as to sale price. I honestly didn't look around.

Brigid said...

I was lookingn for one in the Stainless and olive drab in .45, not to be found. I've shot the 9 mm and the .40 and they were fun.

Blue said...

B... Love my XD pistols. That's 4 now. :)

The stainless and olive pistol that you're talking about is a sweetie! Yes, they're difficult to find :(

ignorant redneck said...

Currently got no pistols. Will get another. Pistol wne to family member in bad neighborhood who was unarmed. I got a 12ga for the house.

But I do got a l2A Ishapore in a sporter stock with a mirror bore for $270--and plenty bullets.

Bring on the sepoy rebellion!

Blue said...

The Sepoy Rebellion is an interesting reference. :)