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12 June 2012

Well, Duh...

Father Allegedly Kills Man Who Molested His Daughter, Texas Cops Say


Sheriff's deputies in Texas won't file charges against a father who they say beat an acquaintance to death after allegedly catching him sexually abusing the man's 4-year-old daughter.
During a social gathering on Saturday, the girl went inside the family's home in Shiner while other members of the family were tending to horses outside, CNN reported.
The father caught a 47-year-old man -- with whom he was casually acquainted -- attempting to molest his daughter, Lavaca County Sheriff Micah Harmon told the Victoria Advocate. The father then allegedly punched the man in the head until he died, Harmon reported.
The father and daughter weren't named to protect the identity of the 4-year-old girl. She was described as "ok, besides the obvious mental trauma" of the incident, Harmon said.
The alleged abuser was found dead at the scene. His name wasn't released pending the announcement of his death to his family.
The sheriff's office will defer to a grand jury to decide whether charges will be brought against the father.
"You have a right to defend your daughter," he told CNN. "[The girl's father] acted in defense of his third person. Once the investigation is completed we will submit it to the district attorney who then submits it to the grand jury, who will decide if they will indict him."
The father was reportedly "very remorseful" about the death and did not know the alleged abuser would die of his injuries.



Seems like a "no-brainer" to me.  Just sayin'

Stay safe.



Walter Zoomie said...

Seems right to me.
What's the problem?

Blue said...

I don't see a problem. :)

Brigid said...

If someone laid a hand on my daughter M., they'd not find the pieces. Heck, the dinner guest that ate the last piece of cheesecake hasn't been seen in few hours :-)

I hope it's invesetigated as is needed, due process is due process, but all charges dropped.

Six said...

I'll second Brigid's thoughts here. If that had been my daughter.....

Good on ya Dad. If we had more men like you in this country half of our problems would disappear overnight.

Blue said...

I have a 5 year old granddaughter whom I love more than life...