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27 July 2013

Cultural decay...

VIDEO: TPNN’s Scottie Nell Hughes & Fiery Hannity Audience Panel Discuss Cultural Decay

Posted 07.27.13 by Jennifer Burke, TPNN Contributor

TPNN’s News Director Scottie Nell Hughes appeared on Hannity last night as part of a studio audience consisting of other well known conservatives and liberals. The audience discussed topics ranging from WeinerGate Part 2, Rolling Stone magazine’s glorification of terrorism with the picture of Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover, fallen athletes including Milwaukee Brewer’s recently suspended Ryan Braun and former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez, the indoctrination of children at the hands of educators, and whether America is in decline.
The discussion was a fiery one as liberals and conservatives demonstrated their obvious passion in regards to each topic. During the panel on Anthony Weiner’s controversial run for mayor of New York City, Scottie said, “We’ve created this atmosphere of allowing politicians to become celebrities and it is the misinformed voter that’s allowed him to be re-elected.”
At one point, she got into it with well-known Obama mouthpiece Democrat Tamara Holder as the audience discussed the overtaking of our education institutions by liberals and the impact it has had on education. Holder defended Anthea Butler, an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Butler generated extreme controversy following the Zimmerman ‘not guilty’ verdict when she penned an op-ed in which she called God a ‘white racist’. Hughes stated that even more disturbing than what is going on in universities is the trickling down of this indoctrination to children in elementary and middle schools with Common Core. Hannity agreed.
This Hannity audience panel will not disappoint. We have picked out some of the best moments of the show for you, including highlights of Scottie Nell Hughes, just in case you missed it. Enjoy!

Watch video here.


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