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"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

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07 March 2015

Please don't be an asshole. Thought this was cute...


A week or so ago it was 24 below zero here.  That is Farenheit.  Today it will be in the 40s.  Heck, when I went to work Thursday morning it was 8 below.  It is 30 here now.  Just a couple of days makes all the difference.

What does that have to do with being an asshole?  Nothing.

Yesterday morning as I was eating breakfast with my wife she looked over at me, all serious like, and we had this conversation...

Her:  "The days when Kryptonite was the only thing that slowed us down..."

Me:  "Yeah?"

Her:  "Those days are gone."

True fucking story.

Happy Saturday.


Grog said...

A good Saturday to you, Blue. Good it's getting warmer for you, otherwise I would have to send you an "I know what Alaska winters are like" shirt. ;)

MissV said...

Morning Blue. I've come to count on you being my Saturday morning without donuts routine, lol.

Your wife has a great sense of humor, but I suspect you already know that. ;-)

bocopro said...

That 'toon would work perfectly with a pic of Harry Reid in it.

Or Peloosi.

Blue said...

Thanks, Grog. I will be getting the Harley out today ;)

Miss V. ... She can be funny when she wants to be. ;) I didn't have donuts but I did have cinnamon tea and an oatmeal cookie. Tasty.

bocopro... yup. :)