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30 January 2017

'Alluhu akbar'...

Where will it lead?


Muslims attacking Muslims.  Because Trump.  Whatever.



Grog said...

Aloha Snackbar, mofos. chuckling

Also, Trudeau Jr. is a pussy. :)

Blue said...

Yes, Trudeau seems to be a pussy. A sensitive, don't hurt anyone's feelings (even if it gets people killed) kinda guy... The obama of the Great White North.

genericviews said...

I'm not sure about this one. It IS a mosque. That is where they are supposed to shout Allah Akbar.

Blue said...

Good point. The fact that witnesses pointed it out made me thaink that it was something unusual... :) Ahhhh well. I will never understand this world we live in.

Anonymous said...

and if a Canadian city was destroyed by Muslims would they still have open borders afterwards?


SunwolfNC said...

Tinfoil rumor is that it was a failed false flag.
What terrorist has trouble reloading, and not knowing how?
Reports are they entered and left multiple times while trying to reload.
Several news outlets *immediately* ran with imagery showing 2 white frenchmen at a gun range as being the shooters but very quickly pulled the stories.
Canadian residents in the tinfoil crowd have been reporting that the local police scanners were citing the attack as being from 2 known somali refugees.

There's more to this... don't believe the first thing you're told.

Blue said...

Wildflower... Probably after the first one. Might wise up after the second one and possibly take some sort of action after the third one.

Sunwolf... I agree that there is more to the story. It has kinda disappeared already. I don't know.

MADDOG63 said...

Green on Green. Can't blame Christians or POTUS for this one.