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02 January 2017

The spies...


The NSA says it didn't happen.  No hacking.  They would have known.  DHS now says the same thing.  No hacking.  The FBI and the Democrat politicians, along with a few Republicans still claim it happened.

Who can we believe?  ;)

I don't think it happened.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

If it did happen it is just another case of the president not defending the borders so why should they have a problem with it? Of course it was an inside leak from a Bernie supporter who didn't like being stabbed in the back.

Grog said...

BZ has some good comments and a link from wordfence to verify your thoughts. And mine, and many others.


Blue said...

Sunnybrook... And we have known that for months. Not sure why it is now being presented as a "hack" when "most" people who have been paying attention know that it wasn't. Someone from the DNC carried info out on a portable device, such as a thumb drive, and shared it.

Grog... Good link. Thanks. ;)

Veeshir said...

What did they supposedly hack? Our fine media betters never seem to want to talk about that exactly.

If they're talking about leaked Dem emails that exposed their idiocy and corruptifying, well, bwa and a ha and a ha ha ha.

If the Russians affected actual vote totals (which didn't happen), that would mean something.

Putin has a lot of money invested in Hillary, I really doubt he was rooting against her.
Nobody has any idea how Trump is going to president, betting on him not be very smart.

Hell, Putin's already had 8 years of the best POTUS he could imagine. 8 years of Hillary would have allowed him to finish scooping up eastern Europe.

Blue said...

Veeshir... Agree with you completely. Assange is reiterating that the information that WikiLeaks released DID NOT come from the Russians. Some folk are gonna believe what they want to believe. Some will never be able to accept that, depending on the motivation, someone within the DNC either hated Hillary enough to want her exposed or loved their fellow Americans enough that he or she wanted to make sure Hillary wasn't elected.

There was no hack on voting machines. They are not connected to the internet, as I understand it. This is a big game to sooth the sting that obama feels at being unable to get Clinton elected (I almost said "arrested") in order to continue his failed policies... Fuck obama.

Eamon Kelly said...

The left still can't confront the liar in the mirror.

Blue said...

Eamon Kelly... Exactly. ;)