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28 December 2012

FBI Uniform Crime Report data...

From David P.

"We have to educate ourselves, in order to debate effectively."

Follow this link to FBI murder data for the past 5 years.

It's like I have said before...  the facts do not even remotely match the purely emotional Liberal hyperbole being spewed regarding "assault weapons".

Make sure to point out when talking to your Liberal friends and acquaintances that all murders involving "Evil Black Rifles" are but a fraction of the total number of murders committed with "rifles" and that rifles are the firearms least used in homicides in this country.

I know that Liberals do not like facts that disagree with, or disprove, their emotionally grounded beliefs.  There is some excellent data here that even a moron could understand well enough to come to the logical conclusion that "assault weapons" are not causing problems to the degree that they are being led to believe.

When you're having that conversation with those Liberal friends and acquaintances, it might be a good time to point out that they are being lied to by those whom they revere, the media and their duly elected politicians.  No one likes being lied to.

Stay safe.


David said...

In the past week, I've exchanged several emails with a Democrat state senator, regarding gun control issues. I quoted statistics from sources that included John Lott, the Centers for Disease Control, the British and Australian governments, the FBI, and Dr. Joyce Malcolm. I was finally told, "It’s unfortunate that so many advocates of untold causes feel compelled to utilize statistics like a drunkard uses a light pole – 'for support rather than illumination'."

Liberals don't want to be bothered with, or confused by, the facts.

Blue said...


"Liberals don't want to be bothered with, or confused by, the facts."

You are absolutely right. It is absolutely true of every Liberal out there. Facts interfere with their feelings, their version of the truth.

Just because they believe something to be true does not make it so.