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30 December 2012

From Free North Carolina...



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Secession Allegiance and Religion

Most people, or shall I say, most conservatives see something is terribly wrong
with the country today, but they blame everything but the right things. One of
the top comments I get from people is that we are not patriotic enough, or that people
such as myself are unpatriotic. People do not know what true patriotism is any
more, and I doubt if many of you reading this do either. So to clear up some
confusion, I am going to give you the order of where you should place your allegiance
and patriotism.

We hear people complain about the government and how it has lost touch with
the people. I am told, VOTE, be patriotic, do your duty. I ask; What is my duty;
to vote?  Honestly, do you ever see this changing anything? Has anything in the
federal government changed for the better in your lifetime? You dad's lifetime?
His dad's lifetime? The question is; What are you gonna do about it?

The following bears worth repeating. People are so dumbed down they have little
or no idea how or where they are to place their allegiance and patriotism. They
don't have a clue as to the order, with most everyone thinking or acting as if the
federal government is all there is to follow and place their allegiance in. They
think they can take a tyrannical government and correct it simply by voting, which
is what they equate to patriotism. Or they think joining the military, fighting and
dying is being patriotic. Nothing could be further from the truth as I tried to explain
to others at a blog who accused me of being unpatriotic and un-American because
I would not fight to restore DC and their form of pseudo "conservative" government.
I was told to leave the united states if it was not worth fighting for. Here is what
I posted back. Keep in mind that people in general do not know their order
allegiance, so you have to remind them... Your allegiance is NOT to the federal
government, that is a lie you've been indoctrinated into accepting in order that the
federal government may have a free reign to go to war anywhere it likes and to
pass whatever laws unto you that it deems necessary for it's safety, NOT yours!

My response: 

My state of North Carolina is worth fighting for. That is my home and my country!
Your state is worth fighting for, as that is your home and country! Patriotism originally
comes from the Greek meaning inheritor of my father’s land. (Or very similarly stated.)
Specifically; What and where is your father’s land? How did he get it and how did he
pass it to you? Your father’s land originally was the state, which is also the country he
lived in. He did not originally live in Washington DC, but in the state he called home.
This was completely true and accepted until Lincoln’s War changed this thinking with
reconstruction. (The whole nation was reconstructed, not just the South.) The union and
federal government is NOT worth fighting for. The united states is NOT my home nor
my country! It is merely a representative of our many countries, our many states.

The order in which one *supposed* is to show honor and respect is as follows.

3-Friends and neighbors
4-Neighborhood or locality or community
5-Area region
6-State (State and country is dependent upon structure.)
9-Government (Government would apply in place of No. 8 if a nation did not exist.)
Notice I did NOT add religious denominations, but religion is to be understood to be
the Christian religion including Catholicism.--NOT Mormonism or Judaism or such..
Neither is a part of Christianity.

Note: the above is a general order according to the structure of a geographic location
that would end up being a nation. A nation is simply a geographical area that
includes a people with like minds, philosophies, religion, culture and heritage.
There can be deviations but the overall effect is that the vast majority of people hold
these same or similar ideals. Note the similarity as stated in the Declaration of 
Independence from Great Britain, “We hold these truths to be self-evident…..”  As a nation all people are *supposed* to accept this basis as their basis of national unity. Sadly this does not exist today.

Note: The order is correct but there can be additions when properly placed, or there can
be certain omissions when need be, but the order remains the same in accordance to
importance. Good government is ruled from the bottom up, not from the top down, and 
your allegiance should be in like order.

Note: The government is nothing more than the will of a unified people, doing their 
bidding on a larger scale, before the countries and nations of the world. This is also why
the Federal Government *supposed* to be an agent of the states, of which the states are
representative countries. This is also why the STATES have the Inalienable Right to secede.

Note: A country by itself is not necessarily a nation, but it can be an independent country
with all the rules, laws and government of a nation when independent of national status.
A nation is merely several states with a central government representing them. 

I owe NO allegiance to any nation or government that does not fully recognize my sovereignty and right to self-determination. There is no way humanly possible, short of conflict that I can make a national government recognize my Inalienable Rights if they choose to ignore them. This is what the Federal Government in Washington DC has chosen to do. I owe them and such people as those that place their allegiance in the Federal Government NOTHING! I owe you nothing because you are part of the problem, if you are in standing with a degenerate nation and federal government in DC! The federal government is far past the point of ever correcting it's wrongs, it's usurpation of our Inalienable Rights, our states and countries. I ask you; Who has benefited from this?

Michael– Deo Vindicabamur


Thanks, Brock.

Stay safe.


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