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17 February 2022

Went to the range today...


11° F.  And a breeze.  It was kinda chilly.  My right thumb froze solid in just a couple of minutes.  (Remember the table saw accident last June?  Yeah, still a bit of feeling loss. Circulation isn't back to 100% yet. May never be.  You need your thumb to load the Ruger's rotary magazine.)  I was the only person at the ranges today, which was really nice.  

I took the Ruger American .22 LR Rimfire with the new Silencerco Sparrow 22 suppressor.  That's a Nikon .223 BDC scope on there.  It all works together pretty well.  I bought the scope for a different rifle, but it ended up collecting dust on a shelf in the basement when I went in a different direction with its original home.  It works fine on the rimfire.  I will figure out the adjustment values when it's a little warmer outside.  The Nikon scopes are clear and bright.  

I bought a Timney trigger for this rifle before I ever fired it.  (Because I am a fan of Timney triggers.  I have them on all of my Remington rifles) The factory trigger is actually pretty good.  The Timney is still in its blister pack on my desk. 

Anyway, it was good.  It was fun.  I "boresighted" the scope with my Wheeler magnetic laser before going out to the range.  It put it pretty close.  

The Sparrow suppressor makes it very comfortable to shoot without hearing protection.  That supersonic "crack" is gone.  I'm hoping to shoot some subsonic ammo soon.  Ernie tells me that is "whisper quiet".  

Rimfire rifles are fun.  They can be incredibly accurate; they can be used to hone your basic marksmanship skills for centerfire rifles, and they are inexpensive to shoot.

I'm looking for a Ruger 10/22 Target rifle like the one in the above photo.  I'm not even sure if they are still made.  I think so...  They came with either a Matte Black barrel, or Stainless.  I'd take either.

Anyway, that's it for now.  



Tomandanitas34 said...

Skip the 10/22 and get the CZ-455. Tight groups from the box. If you need better, get the Lija barrel. It is a drop in. Visit Rimfire Central for some ideas. RC is Ground Zero for good .22lr information.

Blue said...

Tomandanitas34... Thanks for that info. I'll look into it. :)

Grog said...

Excellent pictures, and being the only shooter there is a bonus. 11 degrees? hmm, not as cold as Alaska, but chilly. ;)

Blue said...

"Not as cold as Alaska..." Reminded me of multiple conversations with members of our Sister Unit out of Alaska while training at Camp Ripley, Minnesota in January and February. They wanted to go back to Alaska because the Minnesota temps were approximately 28° below zero(F)with wind chills in the minus 65°F range. Brootal cold. But hey, we survived. ;) It was in the low to mid 30s in Alaska at the time. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is cold weather alright. But you are making do with what you have and can tell others that average performance also counts when shooting conditions aren't pleasant.

Hope your shooting experiences improve - spring is still a bit away for shirt sleeve weather.