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11 October 2012


I thought "Uncle Joe" came off as a rude and obnoxious prick in that debate.

He had to keep interrupting so that he wouldn't lose his train of thought before his allotted time for rebuttal came around.

He lost it anyway.  Every time.

I expected Ryan to be better.  He seemed unprepared for Uncle Joe being such a rude, obnoxious prick.  At least Ryan seemed sincere and tried to remain polite.  Have to give him points for that.

The moderator?  Who was she?  Didn't seem very neutral.  

Ryan was right in his assessment though...  Using obama's own words:  "If you don't have a record to stand on you have to paint your opponent as a bad person and scare voters away..."

That's what Uncle Joe was trying to do.

It's all the obamanites have left.  Failed policies.  Suffocating debt.  Excuses.  Lies.  The blame game.

Did Uncle Joe really say that their two appointments to the Supreme Court were "open minded" and "without an agenda"?  Did he seriously say that?   Anyone who believes that is stoopid.

My score for this debate?  A 0-0 draw.

Ryan was a disappointment, Uncle Joe was an asshole.

Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Ryan should have turned to Uncle Joe and said " Sir, please so pointing your finger..Stop calling me your friend and wipe that smile of your fake tooth-hair plugged MUG or I'll smack it RIGHT OFF- You joker faced douchebag!!"...Then continue with answering the question like V.P. Joe Douche wasn't even there.....Thanks for the forum my friend. Joe F.D.N.Y. ret.

Adrienne said...

I thought Ryan did fine. He just let Biden make a fool of himself. Raddatz is an old buddy of Obama's and was clearly biased (not to mention really ugly with all that bad plastic surgery.)

I don't know if all the stations used the split screen, but it did Biden no favors. His constant laughing, smirking, eye-rolling, etc was just plain weird.

What the viewing public saw was a respectful Ryan politely listening to Biden lie. When Ryan was speaking they saw Biden acting like Clarabelle the Clown who was continually (82 times) interrupting.

My favorite was when Raddatz and Biden were both interrupting Ryan at the same time. Comedy gold!

Blue said...

Joe... After sleeping on it I have come to the conclusion that the score was 1-0 in Ryan's favor. I can't believe his self control. I agree with you though, he should have done something to fight back against Creepy Uncle Joe.

Adrienne... Thanks for your analysis. It helped clarify the jumble that was my brain last night. Again, I wish Ryan had fought back a little bit harder. He had some opportunities... :) All in all, I think he did well.

The fact checkers are starting to post their views from the debate. Looks like Ryan is considerably more truthful than Creepy Uncle Joe. I know that the Libs won't care about that.

Ragnar said...

I thought that Ryan won, but he could have done a lot better. As for Biden, he came off as a buffoon, not the kind of guy you want "one heartbeat away from the presidency."

Anonymous said...

Meh. Same same. They're both political asshats.

Blue said...

Ragnar... I agree completely.

Miss V... Sadly, no matter what we think of them, one will be the VP come January. And yes, they are ALL political asshats.