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"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

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08 February 2014

I don't always carry a gun...



Stephen said...

Yep, understand that I do.

Adrienne said...

Okay - that made me chuckle. Do I always carry? I refuse to answer that, but you could try mugging me and find out.

OT - buuuuut did you see where the guy that killed the cop in a forced entry case was no-billed by the grand jury? That's going to make lots of cops think twice before battering down a door (ya think??)

Blue said...

Stephen... :)

Adrienne... I lost all my guns in a horrible ice fishing accident :(

Yes, I read the article about Henry Goedrich. The DA is still going after him for the "gun as a felon" and the pot charges. Yes, the testosterone laden boys who want to play commando and break into people's homes to serve warrants for frivolous charges will hopefully rethink their methods in the future... I think that there are better ways. Serve the warrant when you know he isn't home. If in fact you do find something that is listed in the warrant, arrest him later. Better yet, stop hassling citizens over stupid shit. I read someplace else that the amount of pot that was actually found would qualify for a misdemeanor citation.

Adrienne said...

So sorry about the accident. Mine were all washed away in a terrible flood.

Blue said...

Such rotten luck. Your loss brings a tear to my eye... :(