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"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

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18 April 2012

Adrienne's place...

Ann Barnhardt on the Secret Service...

well said, Ann.
I guess we now know why the Secret Service hasn't done anything about the usurper non-American Obama. They're all a bunch of moral degenerates without any honor or integrity. This culture has been duped by the Marxist cultural and media infiltration into believing that a person's sexual conduct doesn't matter. Well, it does. It is reported today that the unofficial motto among married Secret Service agents is "Wheels up, rings off."

Read the rest here.

I agree with Adrienne...  "well said, Ann."

Stay safe.


Brock Townsend said...

Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Minh and Pot would be proud.

Adrienne said...

"Adrienne's Place" - sounds like where the Secret Service partied. Problem is, I would have charged waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than $47.00. heh

When I tangled with the Social Security Admin I had 6 years worth of interaction with the SS (they're under the Treasury Dept) in three different cities. We all ended up on first name basis. I found them all to be very upstanding appearing and very professional.

They did however, admit that the Social Security admin was a mess, full of inept people, and had not one clue of where the money was going, how much they had, or how much was missing. None.

Blue said...

Brock... they would have been, indeed.

Adrienne... I know that you run a respectable place and that a respectable place would charge A LOT more than $47, if, in fact, a respectable place were charging for respectability !!! :)

I suspect that the Social Security office gets it's employees from the same place that the DMV gets their license examiners and the TSA gets their inspectors and the unemployment office gets their employees. A prerequisite for employment in those offices appears to be a shitty outlook on life, a nasty disposition, and a sense of superiority along with a sense of entitlement. :)

I suppose I could be wrong about that, but I don't think so.

Brock Townsend said...

Reminds me of being at my VA dentist a few years ago and he was chatting with his female helper as he worked on me. He was talking about the idiots who had come from Raleigh that morning and called a drill where they all had to go outside and listen to their blathering. At the end he says, "Now, I know the kind of people who got Obama elected!" Man, I broke up and he had to pull back from his work!:) The whole dental office evidently hates his guts and Rush is always playing in the background.:)

PS: Why don't you turn off the robot thing?

Blue said...

Brock... the "robot" is gone, for now. Last time I "killed" him I started getting unwanted spam, so I turned it back on.

We'll see how it goes :)

Brock Townsend said...

Thanks. If he comes back, just tell me and I'll shoot him.:)

Cactus Jack said...

Well, Barry said he was going to be angry if the allegations proved out. Now that at least three of the SS have resigned/retired, I wonder if he's getting pissed yet? Wait, maybe he meant he was gonna be angry because they didn't invite him to the soiree??

Blue said...

Brock... thanks ;)

Jack... I hear that he's a party animal!

Cactus Jack said...

I'm thinkin that the one cheap bastard that started all this is probably gonna get an ass whoopin from all the others that are getting the boot.