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15 April 2012

Back home...

Judy and I spent last week traveling through Indiana and Ohio with a side trip to Charleston, West Virginia.

 USAF National Museum in Dayton, Ohio
 Thanking those who, at great personal risk, helped.

 David P. and Naomi :)
60 tires on the trailer, 14 on the tractor.
 Memorial to Merchant Marines in Ashtabula, Ohio
Draw bridge in Ashtabula

We left with no particular agenda in mind.  My wife's family moved to Wisconsin, and some eventually to Iowa, through Ohio and Indiana.  We did what we often do on vacation, which is to search cemeteries for ancestors.  She enjoys that a lot more than I do, but hey, she puts up with the things I like to do.  :)

Along with the cemeteries, we saw a lot of covered bridges in extreme northeast Ohio as well as Lake Erie at Ashtabula.  It was a good trip.

On Friday we took a side trip to see my old friend David P. in Charleston, West Virginia.  David was a Cobra pilot in the Army with my younger brother until an accident left him paralyzed from the waist down.  It doesn't slow him down much.  He competes in marathons and triathlons and is currently taking care of his 2 year old grand daughter while her mother is at sea and her daddy (David's son) is at a military training school.  Both are Marines.  David is a proud father!  Anyway, it was great to see David and Naomi as well as David's sister.  

We headed back to Iowa on Friday night with stops in Indiana on Saturday to do some more "cemeteryin'" and to see Brigid of Mausers & Muffins fame.  What a wonderful lady!  We had a totally enjoyable 2 hour conversation on many topics, but seemed to keep drifting back to aviation.  Common interest, I guess.  Also got to meet her famous dog, Barkley.  What a treat!

It's good to be back home but it was a great vacation.

Stay safe.

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