"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." ~~Thomas Jefferson

"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

25 April 2012


Also, something I read today: "As a former fetus, I oppose abortion".

I also read that large numbers of young people are unemployed or under-employed and are disillusioned with obama and that they no longer support him.  That's good news (I think  :)

One of my co-workers had nose surgery a couple of months ago to correct a previously broken nose and, during the same surgery, had his sinuses "scraped" to clear up a long term sinus infection.  He had a follow up exam a couple of weeks ago and it was discovered that the sinus infection isn't completely cleared up.  His doctor prescribed one of those breathing machines that you use at night.  It mixes a steroid and an antibiotic in a stream of air that you breathe through a face-mask while you sleep.  Anyway, the only company who sells this particular machine and the meds that go with it is located in the People's Republic of California.  He has been playing phone tag with this company since the doctor prescribed the machine and meds two weeks ago.  They finally talked today and the gal in California asked Mike if he had insurance.  He replied that he did. She then told him that the machine and meds will cost him $473 and that his insurance will pay it all.  She then told him that if his deductible has not been met that the insurance company would pay any balance remaining after his deductible had been met. If he didn't want to claim it on his insurance and have it go toward his deductible he could get the machine and the meds for a one time payment of $178. 

Let me get this straight...  If you claim it against your insurance it will cost $473, but if you pay it out of pocket it will cost you $178. 

Let me rephrase that:  If your insurance company pays for it the cost is $473.  If you pay for it yourself the cost is $178. 

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

Is the nebulizer provider charging $295 to file the insurance claim, or is the insurance company willing to pay $295 more than the patient would pay out of pocket if he didn't file an insurance claim?  Either way, they are willing to pay the whole thing.  Maybe the nebulizer people are ripping off the insurance companies?

I told him to pay the $178 then file it with our insurance company so that it will (still) go toward his deductible.  (We have a "High Deductible HSA" plan and his deductible has not been met this year.  He'll be out $178 instead of $473 and he gets the same machine and meds.)

Oh well.  Seems like the insurance companies are just as free and easy with our money as the government is.  I still can't figure out why insurance is so expensive. :)

Stay safe.


Brock Townsend said...

If your insurance company pays for it the cost is $473. If you pay for it yourself the cost is $178.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

Not in Obamaville.:)

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Surgery for a broken ankle was going to cost me $8,000 "cash and carry" back in 1995. But I got finagled onto an insurance policy. The amount paid out by the insurance company? $25,000...

Blue said...

It's crazy.