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10 April 2012


 I'd give my left nut to fly a Phantom.
Always on guard...

Stay safe.


KurtP said...

BTW- if anyone is in the San Antonio area on May 19 (I think) the CAF will be at the Hondo airport.

Just thought I'd mention it.

Blue said...

This was at the USAF National Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton.

Awesome place.

Love me some aircraft!

Angus McThag said...

Being the rivet-counter I am...

Notice they painted over the formation lighting strip? That wouldn't have been on the plane during Vietnam and was retrofitted to the aircraft in service later.

I guess returning the plane to it's original configuration was too much. I also wonder if that is the actual plane or one that's painted to look it.

Blue said...

McThag... No idea if it's Col. Olds' actual plane or not. All I know is when I get around a Phantom I get giddy like a school girl, my heart rate climbs and I start to sweat. :)

Who said that "the Phantom proves that with enough thrust, a brick would fly"?

Love me some Phantoms!

Blue said...

BTW, I bought a catalog of everything in the museum. I'll look to see if it says anything about the origin of this particular aircraft when I get back to Iowa.