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05 February 2014

Name just one accomplishment...

Question: What was One Achievement Hillary Clinton had as Sec. of State? Answer: Nothing

It is astonishing that Democrats are even considering running Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. Based on her achievements, it would be astonishing if she gained the office of elementary school crossing guard, much less the highest office in the country.

The simple fact is that Hillary Clinton has produced no tangible achievements as Secretary of State.
Well, I suppose that’s not really true… She did manage to sit by as Americans were slaughtered in Benghazi and tried to help clean up the mess afterwards. Somehow, though, I don’t think that particular “achievement” will make it onto Hillary 2016 billboards.

Former Bill Clinton adviser Lanny Davis recently commented on Hillary Clinton’s likely run on Hugh Hewitt’s show but, when asked point blank if he could enumerate her achievements, Davis could not produce a single achievement other than she was “popular.”

Hugh Hewitt: All right, one question, you’ve got a minute. Summarize for me what she accomplished as Secretary of State.
Lanny Davis: Well, the biggest thing of all is goodwill around the world, which is what secretaries of State do.
No, Secretaries of State are not goodwill ambassadors. They do not fly around the world to merely put friendly faces at state events, they are supposed to be problem solvers and government officials.

Secondly, even if it were her job to put instill goodwill around the globe, given the hostilities facing America, I would have to say that she did her supposed job poorly.

Sensing he was heading down a bad path, Davis tried to backtrack and suggest that the accomplishments of the State Department are her shared accomplishments, too. When Hewitt asked about Syria, Libya and Egypt and the notable lack of goodwill in the region, Davis replied
I don’t know, well, Libya and certainly the intervention in Libya and getting rid of Qaddafi, you would say that’s a pretty good achievement for the President. But these are presidential achievements with a partnership of the secretary of State. What do secretaries of State do? For example, she was very instrumental in the details of the Iranian sanctions program, which has produced, apparently, some results. I’m very skeptical about this deal in Iran on the nuclear weaponry. But the credit she deserves on this sanctions program, which literally was her program in the State Department to enforce, but in partnership with Barack Obama.
Hewitt: So her achievement is that…
Davis: But this doesn’t change the question about the secretary of State having achievement. This is a secretary of State is the most popular woman in the world and restored relations with everyone in the world.
Well, there you have it: Hillary’s main achievements have been that she’s been popular with countries that hate us, shares the credit for helping lay the groundwork for a deal that allows Iran to play the Obama Administration like a fiddle and has “restored relations with everyone in the world.”… Because before Hillary, America was lost and had no relations with anyone in the world.

Again, there are things for which she can honestly claim credit: she helped establish policies in the Middle East that destabilized the region and North Africa; she reigned over the State Department that repeatedly denied requests from Ambassador Chris Stevens for increased security before the Benghazi attack; she refused to lift a finger to help American personnel who were being slaughtered in Benghazi; she helped propagate the preposterous lies that suggested a YouTube video was to blame for the Benghazi terrorist attack and, of course, she spit on the graves of Americans murdered thanks to her negligence by questioning before a Congressional hearing, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

For that, the right will happily give her her due credit. Other than that, the question still stands: What has Hillary achieved that would qualify her to ascend to the Oval Office?

Answer: Not a darn thing.

Link to original article at TPNN.

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What difference does it make?

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