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12 May 2013

I may be wrong about Benghazi...

...but then again...

Nothing wrong with a bit of speculation here on my part.  All the cool kids are doing it.  Remember, this is pure conjecture...  Call it a work of fiction if you want.  If I'm proven wrong and have to apologize later, so be it.

Benghazi,  11 SEP 12

The attacks on the American CIA station in Benghazi occurred on the afternoon and evening of 11 Sep 12, local Libya time.  It was less than 2 months prior to the American elections.

The inaction of the American government after the attack started was ordered from the very top.  THE VERY TOP.  Nothing else makes even the slightest bit of sense.  No one else had the power...

The potential fallout from sending American forces to rescue an American Ambassador at a CIA station in Benghazi could have been devastating in so many ways to obama's bid for reelection.

A two minute Google search immediately after the "spontaneous riots over a movie" made the news would have told you that the American Embassy in Libya is in Tripoli.  Filtering through the news, along with further internet research during the following days, told you that there was no Embassy Annex in Benghazi.  There was a CIA station and a stockpile of weapons in Benghazi that had been collected (apparently by the CIA) during the Libyan uprising that deposed Qadafii.  We can speculate until the cows come home as to whether they were running guns to the bad guys or not.  It doesn't matter.  That isn't the issue.  Never was.  At least it isn't the entire issue.  It may have been a dirty little secret that our government held, but it is of minor importance in the cover up of the attacks in Benghazi that night.

Anyway, none of that really matters.

The American Ambassador and 3 other Americans were killed at a CIA station in Benghazi.  They were killed by terrorists that were affiliated with al Qaida.  We knew that as soon as the attacks began.  Probably before they began.

A botched rescue attempt would have hurt obama's chances in November.  Killing a bunch of Libyan civilians during a successful or failed rescue attempt would have hurt obama's chances.  Plus, it would have pissed off the Libyan government as well as half the governments of the world.  Getting American military personnel killed during a successful or failed rescue attempt would also have hurt obama.

No matter how you looked at it, any action at all would have had the potential to hurt obama in the election.

The safest action to take was no action.  Then do damage control, relying on the ignorance and apathy of the American people.

obama was thrust into an unexpected situation that required him to make hard decisions and to act Presidential.  He apparently couldn't do that.  He was in over his head.  His mind was clouded with thoughts of the upcoming election.  So much for the big balled cowboy who killed Osama bin Laden.

The people who do damage control and spin for him were already doing their jobs while Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty died.

obama was absolutely certain that his popularity and his charisma, along with the work of his spin-meisters, would save his sorry ass.  And then there were his loyal minions.  His loyal minions Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Jay Carney, et al., all played along.  They did their parts to try to protect obama.  The script was bad from the beginning.  I couldn't tell whether the play they were performing was supposed to be a comedy or a tragedy.

The failure to provide outside military assistance to protect or attempt to rescue those Americans was a purely political decision.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Politics.  P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S.

The reason that obama went to bed during the attack that night was because he didn't want to listen to any more advice from his military advisors.  He panicked.  On one hand he had Americans being attacked on a small bit of American soil in a far away land and an obligation to defend them.  On the other hand, he had an election coming up.

He goes to bed at night now knowing that he made the "right" decision.  He was reelected.  In his world, that's OK.  In his world the end justifies the means.

Do you suppose that the people writing the spin ever considered that the story was so full of holes that the American people were finally being served a lie that they couldn't believe?

Ahhhhh well.  That's my moment of speculation about the "why" of Benghazi.  Makes sense to me.

I still wonder who came up with the "spontaneous riots over a movie" meme?  That story lacked credibility from the very first moment it was announced.   I mean, seriously...  who brings rifles, mortars, and RPGs to a little demonstration intended to show frustration over the lack of respect shown for Islam in a YouTube movie?  That dog don't hunt, boys and girls.

Happy Mother's day to all you Mothers out there.

Stay safe.

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