"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." ~~Thomas Jefferson

"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

17 April 2022

He is not here...

 ...as He said


15 April 2022

It is Finished...

                    Patricia Brintle


Zero Sense...


25 March 2022

Though it's hard to tell...

 ...it appears the Ukrainians are hanging on.  

I'm not a strategist, but I do know that there has to be bold action along with thoughtful planning to assure success in battle.  The US is overly fearful of what Putin might do.  That seems painfully obvious.  There seems to be a fear of being forced to take bold action, if whatever less bold action we undertake makes escalation become necessary.  Meanwhile, people die.  And Putin is still a threat to the entire world.  I guess that time will tell. 

But what do I know? 


09 March 2022

Change of Address...


The Lithuanian city of Vilnius has changed the name of one of its streets.  The Russian Embassy now needs to order new letterhead and business cards.

Rock The Fuck On.

Anyone reading this who lives in Washington D.C., NYC, Houston, or San Fran?  Perhaps you should contact your mayor and suggest renaming the street that the Russian Embassy is on in those cities Ukranian Heroes Street?  Or Volodymyr Zelenskyy Boulevard? Just a thought.  Keepin' it real.


In A Land Far Away...


"We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other's children" ~~Jimmy Carter

Ukraine is begging the world for help.  Help to save its very life.  

The world is standing by, watching, doing the safe thing.  Applying sanctions.  

I pray that those sanctions work.  I hope it is enough.

But in the days and weeks and months ahead, while we wait, Putin will continue to kill Ukrainians with impunity.

Every day the Ukrainian people resist, alone.  Putin's war against them will become more violent.  The targets will become softer.  More civilians will be targeted and will die.  More infrastructure will be destroyed.  Putin will stop at nothing to destroy the will of the Ukrainian people.

And if Putin prevails in his war against Ukraine...  Well, if that happens I'd hate to be Latvia. Or Lithuania. Or Estonia.  Poland and Czechoslovakia may not even be safe from Putin's aggression.  USSR v.2

This has happened before.  Same part of the world.  It isn't Jews this time, but it's the same.  Putin is thumbing his nose at the world right now, daring us to get involved.

And while we admit that the world is shrinking, that the economy is global, that diseases can affect every human being on the planet as fast as a jet can fly from point to point, we claim that the Ukrainian fight is not our fight.

But it is, whether we admit it or not.  Vladimir Putin is a bad actor.  He is a threat to world peace.  And we're going to watch, like we watched Hitler in the 30s.  Because Ukraine doesn't belong to our Home Owners Association.

Watching the events in Ukraine right now is, to me, like watching a bully beat the life out of my younger brother and me being unable to step in and prevent it.



06 March 2022

You would have had to know her...


This popped up in my fb memories this morning.  I laughed and cried at the same time.  

Judy would sometimes make comments that were waaaaayyyyyyy out in left field, out of the blue.  Sometimes unintentionally. Sometimes to get a reaction.  She was eating peanut butter toast and drinking chocolate milk.  I was having cereal and toast, coffee with cream.  

She delivered this with the straightest face.  I tried not to laugh.  A question disguised as a statement.  She didn't preface it with "Remember..."  I delivered my "yeah" without emotion.  She knew what I would say.  She finished her statement.  I about died laughing.  Like I said, you would have had to know her.


I can't think of a title...

 I like Elton.  I like this song.  This video is... sad.  And hopeful. And representative of the human condition, in my opinion.

I lost my Judy coming up on 5 years ago.  An ER doctor made a mistake.  He didn't listen closely.  He didn't do his "due diligence".  He made some assumptions that were wrong.  He had all of the information that he needed to not cause my wife's death.  Whether you want to believe it or not, male doctors treat women differently.  

Anyway.  Judy loved music.  I love music.  Sometimes the music moves me closer to my Judy.  I still love her.  I miss her.

This song, this video... they can make me smile.

But...  life is strange.  And it goes on.  "We, the living..."


05 March 2022



So, there was a fella commenting on this meme:

"Nicholas B. The US media has it's faults, but there's a WORLD of difference between it and the Soviet, er I mean, Russian media. It's kind of shocking how so many people don't seem to realize this false equivalence. It's like saying getting medical advice from a 20-yr old's YouTube channel is just as good as advice from a doctor with 30 years experience."

Nicholas appears to be a nice enough guy.     His political ideology seems to be different than mine, which is ok.  He appears to believe that the government checkbook is the appropriate answer for solving every social problem.  Whatever.

It's  just a meme...



04 March 2022

I know it's hard...

I know it's hard.  I spent over half of the $250 that I took home each month from my job in the Army on rent.  I was young.  We were young.  We wanted to be together and we were willing to do whatever it took to make that happen.  Even if it meant being broke all the time, barely able to pay the bills...  Judy was good at juggling things and making sure that the utility bills were always paid before they got shut off.

I know it's hard.  I know that rent is still expensive today.  And groceries.  And gas.  We lived through the 70s.  55 mph speed limits.  Gas rationing to odd and even days based on the number on your license plate.  Stations out of fuel, long lines.  And it was expensive.  The price of gasoline went from less than 40 cents a gallon to a dollar a gallon in about a year.  But we figured it out.  We worked extra hours.  Judy took a job.  It was crazy, but it's the way it was.

And it isn't the Boomers doing it to you, though we're easy to blame.  Boomers have been retiring for the past 20 years.  It's your parents who hold all that property, and your peers.  

The next big thing will be rising interest rates... Worse than the early 80s when we thought that we were "all that" when we were able to get a mortgage at 13% while the going rate was 14%... These young folk think there is a housing crisis/rent crisis now? Hold my Beer! Give it 6 months... 'ol Joe.
Anyway, I don't know what changed.  We grew up believing that we had to work for what we wanted.  You had to figure it out...  ;)
Anyway...  just rambling.


It could never happen here...


27 February 2022

Don't wait...


Of course, if you love them, let them know...  

Either way, when they're gone, they're gone.


26 February 2022

24 February 2022


Leftists are bullies. It's part of what makes them Leftists. There was honor in "Liberalism", once upon a time. There are very, very few Liberals around these days. I don't know many of them.  I doubt you know many...

There are, OTOH, Leftists everywhere. Like roaches.

And, like roaches, they stick their head out every once in a while, looking for something to destroy, but scurry for cover when confronted with the Light.

Liberalism in America gasped Its last breath with the implementation of the New Deal.  

So, anyway, please...  There is a difference.  Words have meaning.


Not a Leftist...

23 February 2022

Is the sentiment too extreme...?

 Snagged from a friend's fb post...

I think it's pretty much accurate.  The sad part is that the criminals in government have to know that they are violating the law.  Yet they continue to do it.  But they don't see themselves as criminals.  And the People continue to elect them.  So... who is stupid?

Happy Hump Day.


17 February 2022

Went to the range today...


11° F.  And a breeze.  It was kinda chilly.  My right thumb froze solid in just a couple of minutes.  (Remember the table saw accident last June?  Yeah, still a bit of feeling loss. Circulation isn't back to 100% yet. May never be.  You need your thumb to load the Ruger's rotary magazine.)  I was the only person at the ranges today, which was really nice.  

I took the Ruger American .22 LR Rimfire with the new Silencerco Sparrow 22 suppressor.  That's a Nikon .223 BDC scope on there.  It all works together pretty well.  I bought the scope for a different rifle, but it ended up collecting dust on a shelf in the basement when I went in a different direction with its original home.  It works fine on the rimfire.  I will figure out the adjustment values when it's a little warmer outside.  The Nikon scopes are clear and bright.  

I bought a Timney trigger for this rifle before I ever fired it.  (Because I am a fan of Timney triggers.  I have them on all of my Remington rifles) The factory trigger is actually pretty good.  The Timney is still in its blister pack on my desk. 

Anyway, it was good.  It was fun.  I "boresighted" the scope with my Wheeler magnetic laser before going out to the range.  It put it pretty close.  

The Sparrow suppressor makes it very comfortable to shoot without hearing protection.  That supersonic "crack" is gone.  I'm hoping to shoot some subsonic ammo soon.  Ernie tells me that is "whisper quiet".  

Rimfire rifles are fun.  They can be incredibly accurate; they can be used to hone your basic marksmanship skills for centerfire rifles, and they are inexpensive to shoot.

I'm looking for a Ruger 10/22 Target rifle like the one in the above photo.  I'm not even sure if they are still made.  I think so...  They came with either a Matte Black barrel, or Stainless.  I'd take either.

Anyway, that's it for now.  


What did you think was going to happen...?

The Party of Hate is collapsing upon itself.  For 8 years you were a racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobe if you failed to believe in obama and the Party.  It was mean and it was ugly.  Then, for the next 4 years you were a Trumpster or a Trumpette or any of a slew of derogatory terms if you voted for or supported tRump, tRumpf, etc.  The maturity of the Democrats with their anti-Trump name calling was out of this world.

Anyway, it sounds like their hatred is coming home to roost.  Grab some popcorn and sit back to watch the Democrat Party collapse upon itself...  


SMETHPORT, Pa. (AP) — Some Democrats here in rural Pennsylvania are afraid to tell you they’re Democrats.

The party’s brand is so toxic in the small towns 100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh that some liberals have removed bumper stickers and yard signs and refuse to acknowledge their party affiliation publicly. These Democrats are used to being outnumbered by the local Republican majority, but as their numbers continue to dwindle, the few that remain are feeling increasingly isolated and unwelcome in their own communities.

“The hatred for Democrats is just unbelievable,” said Tim Holohan, an accountant based in rural McKean County who recently encouraged his daughter to get rid of a pro-Joe Biden bumper sticker. “I feel like we’re on the run.”

The climate across rural Pennsylvania is symptomatic of a larger political problem threatening the Democratic Party ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Beyond losing votes in virtually every election since 2008, Democrats have been effectively ostracized from many parts of rural America, leaving party leaders with few options to reverse a cultural trend that is redefining the nation’s political landscape.

Read it here: The brand is so toxic...

I hate to say it, but this makes me smile.


16 February 2022

Mental Health...

To participate in the foolishness of pretending that mental health issues related to gender identity are normal requires one to become a bit mentally ill oneself in order to successfully pretend that these gender identity mental illnesses are, in fact, normal, when one instinctively knows that they are not...

                       Photo Credit: Houston Chronicle

Meet Sam Brinson, 'ol Joe's Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy.

Sam wants to be identified as "they" or "them".  I think Sam is confused because, in conversation, Sam identifies its personal self as "I" or "me".  "I" and "me" are singular.  "They" and "them" are plural.  You are either one or you are many, you can't be both, Sam.  Please use "us" or "we" when speaking of yourself.  You know, to remain consistent.

'ol Joe gets to check off another box, I guess.  Or something.

Read about it here.   

Anyway, to each its own.


15 February 2022

Scalia on the Constitution...


She's Serious...


Posted to her newsfeed on Facebook by a relative of mine.  She really believes this crap.  She didn't post it as a joke.  She didn't post it as sarcasm.  She posted it because she is a true believer.  People like my cousin scare the stuffing out of me.


Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...

Mother Jones occasionally allows an "ideologically similar" entity to use their platform to reach out to people whom they believe can be made to get up off the couch and go out and make a difference.  This is one of those entities and one of those times.  It arrived in my daily dose of Mother Jones email this morning.

Several things that I find interesting here... 

First, Progressive Turnout Project clearly assumes that anyone on MoJo's mailing list is a Democrat. 

Second, they obviously do not care about the Will of the People.  They only care about the will of those people who entertain a Progressive ideology (or believe the same way they do).  

Third, it is there for anyone to see that the ONLY goal of the Left is to prevent Trump being President again.  These people spent every single day for over four years attempting to overthrow a sitting President.  They talked publicly about it before he was elected.  They talked publicly about it after he was elected and before he was inaugurated.  They tried to prevent him governing while they were attempting to remove him from office.  Again, against the Will of the People.

Because he isn't "one of them".  Because... Fear.

This is what America is up against.  Fringes with a voice and assumed political clout.  Assumed clout, because no one is challenging them.

Were the protests of January 6th an insurrection?  Did those peaceful protestors arrive at the Capitol with the intention of overthrowing the government?  (That is the Leftist narrative.)  Who organized this attempt to overthrow the government?  Who funded it?  Who directed it?  Who was in place to take charge of the government once the "coup" was successful?  Who was going to lead the military?  Who was going to lead all of the different departments of civilian government?  Who was going to step in and lead all of the "alphabet" agencies, CIA, FBI, DEA, DOJ, etc.?  I mean, all of these folks had to be part of the insurrection ahead of time in order for it to succeed, right?  Was it expected to be a "peaceful" overthrow of our government, since the insurrectionists were unarmed and there were no military or paramilitary forces standing by to assume control and maintain order after the successful coup?

The answer to all of these questions is clear, if you use your brain.  I suspect that the January 6th Committee will answer all of these questions for us.  Do you like shit sandwiches?

Anyway, if one is paying even the slightest amount of attention and is using the logical part of their brain, even a little bit, it is obvious that "all the parts" of the Democrat's narrative fail to make a whole.  Yet somewhere around 50% of America is buying the story.  

All of this simply proves that Americans are willing to eat whatever shit they are being fed.

Disclaimer: As I have said before, I am not a fan of Trump.  I admit that he was a better choice than Clinton, and a better choice than Biden.  I still struggle to quantify the man.  Another discussion for another day.  :)

If you can find the time. and have the interest, search "Progressive Turnout Project".  Just go down the list.  ;)  (I think that the Left is better organized than the Right.  Just my opinion.  And they are more willing to play 'not nice')


11 February 2022


Just thinkin' out loud gain...

Sounds like 'ol Joe is fixin' to go up against Vlad.  Hmmm...  

Perfect opportunity for 'ol Joe to attempt to crush non-Leftists in America.  You know, for security.  Or something...

All y'all are smart folks.  You understand what is being said by the politicians and the media, even if that's not what's being said.  I'm not sure I've ever experienced times like these in my 67 years?  

I spent 5+ years in West Germany during the Cold War. 1970s.  We had a lot of troops close by at that time, just in case the Kremlin got stoopid.  And plans to get more there quickly, if needed.  We have a few thousand in Europe now, with a few thousand on the way.  Vlad has 100,000 on the border with Ukraine and hundreds of thousands more just down the road in Mother Russia.  Shit... Vlad has millions.

'ol Joe.  Whatcha gonna do, Joe?  Whatcha gonna do?

I'm not paranoid.  Paranoia is a treatable mental disorder.  I don't have it.  ;)


    Photo credit: donkeyhotey

Vlad could be in Berlin before 'ol Joe knows what time it is...

We'll see.  ;)


08 February 2022

Racists, and other things...

 Andrew Yang said "I don't think Joe Rogan is a racist - the man interacts with and works with Black people literally all the time."

The woke Leftists heard that and went nuts, forcing Yang to retract his statement.  Did Yang mean what he said?  If so, retracting it to appease the woke Left makes him a coward.

Republican leaders in the Georgia Legislature want to install a statue on the Georgia State Capitol grounds honoring Justice Clarence Thomas.

The woke Leftists in the Georgia Legislature said "whoa, Clarence Thomas?  He ain't one of us".  One Democrat legislator actually said "Ok, he's been good, but he may still mess up".  WTF does that mean?  Fortunately, the Republicans aren't as willing to roll over and play dead in the face of Woke Leftism.  

Whoopi?  No sympathy for her.  Her entire being supports Blacks and Black causes.  She is so predjudiced that she didn't even realize what she said.  Her entire world is about Blacks.  No one else exists.

Ya know who the biggest racists are in this country?  In the entire world?  Woke Leftists.  Period.  And they are willing to crush you like a bug if you aren't 100% with them...  

I hope that you recognize that the Leftists have changed our language to be understood as something that it doesn't actually mean...  

On a more positive note, Colin called me from my gun dealer in Marion this morning to let me know my Tax Stamp for my Sparrow was in.  I said "cool".  He said "didn't you have more than one coming?".  I said "yeah, there will be a 30 cal suppressor as well".   "Yeah, that's here, too..."

376 days

I told him I would see him in the morning since my truck is loaded with a "favor for a dear friend" right now.

Anyway...  a lot of things going on.  My kitty was really out of sorts yesterday.  Wouldn't eat at all.  She would get up to drink then come back into the kitchen and lay beside me.  With all of her known health issues, I was worried.  She finally ate late last night.  She's a piggy today...


And my middle son called me, horribly upset.  They took their Pit Bull, Zena, to the vet this morning to have her spayed.  She died of internal bleeding after they closed her up.  By the time they realized there was a problem, it was too late.  My son and his girlfriend are devastated.






05 February 2022

I'd like to believe...


      Photo Credit: donkeyhotey

Just thinking out loud...

I'd like to believe that Donald Trump is so "hated" by politicians simply because he isn't one of them.  Because they are afraid that he will expose them for what they are, whatever that may be.  Anti-American Globalists.  Or something.  It isn't just Democrats.

I think we can do better.  I think we could find a candidate who isn't one of them, who could win.  A candidate who could be as effective as Donald Trump, without polarizing the world.  Not even all the Republicans agree any longer.  

But then again, perhaps it is Trump's ability to polarize entire factions, entire populations, that makes him effective?

That's what all of the show in DC is about.  Politicians trying to make sure that Donald Trump is never President again.  Regardless of what the American People want.

I mean, 80 million voted for 'ol Joe.  8 million more than voted for The Donald.  Resounding difference.  Right?

On his second day in office as the newly sworn in President, 'ol Joe Biden sat down and signed a pile of executive orders that nullified many of Trump's efforts.  It was a juvenile attempt to show his soft brained followers that he was a bad ass.  Badder than Corn Pop.  Because Corn Pop was one bad dude.  And the Leftists shed tears of joy and danced in the streets.  No more mean tweets.  

And now the Leftists hate 'ol Joe.  He isn't gettin' 'er done.  And the people who supported him are mad.

I read an article yesterday from Reuters that claimed 'ol Joe just had his worst week ever.  A 43% approval rating.  Still a bit better than The Donald's lowest rating, said Reuters.  

But wait!  I saved an article from Newsweek from 3 weeks ago that said 'ol Joe's approval rating for the week leading up to January 13th, 2021 was lower, at 33%, than Trump's lowest.  At that time, his approval rating was down 3 points from November, which saw 'ol Joe polling at 36% approval.  Something ain't right here...  The media.  They lie.  ;)  33% is lower than 43%, right?  But the media is confident that their Leftist followers won't bring it up...



02 February 2022

Every time he opens his mouth...


It was bound to happen...

The memes.  I'm surprised it took so long.  

Every time 'ol Joe opens his mouth, something stupid comes out.  But he keeps opening his mouth.  And the stupid keeps on coming.

How can that be?  


Joe will eventually say something to try to cover up explain his obvious attempt at pandering to Black females, Blacks, and Leftists.  Not sure what he'll say.  Not sure it matters.  He has already been forgiven.

And he will still elevate a Black woman to SCOTUS.

I'm not saying that's a bad thing.  I'm saying it's going to be more controversial than it needs to be.  Because 'ol Joe is dumb as a stump.  And his soft brained followers...?  Yes, them too...  

All 'ol Joe had to do was keep his mouth shut and nominate his Black female.  That's all he had to do.



01 February 2022

Good question...




All Smiles...

Breezy this morning.  

Need to head out to Hobby Lobby then over to Fareway to grab a couple chicken breasts for supper.  Stop at Kwik Star to get milk and bread.  That'll keep me busy for awhile.  


31 January 2022

No Mouse Gets Out Alive...


My middle son just sent me this photo.  It's from a drawer in his shop out on his farm.  Helluva sense of humor.  ;)

Ya need ta check yer drawers more often, Son...


The current state of the coup...


    Photo Credit: religionnews.com                    Liz Cheney

I'm not sure what's going on.  Well, yes I am.  The same people who spent 4+ years unsuccessfully attempting the overthrow of a sitting President are now trying to make sure he is never President again.  

Article here

A lot of thoughts go through my mind when considering this circus.  

First thought is that even thinking about it is dangerous, articulating it will certainly get you put on a list, no?  ;)

I mean... almost all of the evidence against the peaceful protestors of Jan sixth is based on electronic communications between themselves.

Near the top of my list is how much control the Left has over so much of the media.  I was telling my brother just this morning that if the Republic survives this Leftist onslaught, the behavior of the media will be the subject of journalism classes for generations to come.  Herr Goebbels would be proud. 

What we are seeing now, and have been seeing for the past 5 years, is a poorly camouflaged coup attempt by the Leftists against anyone and anything that isn't just like them.

I'm not a fan of Trump.  I'm not 100% sure why, as I believe he did mostly good things.  It was kind of satisfying in the beginning when he would put his thumb in the eye of an establishment politician who didn't like the way he was doing things.  But he went out of his way to piss people off, both friend and foe.  Most of it was unnecessary and contributed to his downfall.  As I have said in the past, he didn't act very Presidential at times.  That's probably okay, to a point.  But that's another subject for another time.

I'm kind of surprised that we aren't hearing much about Nancy Pelosi these days.  I think she is a primary driving force behind the coup...  

The Democrats obviously don't give a shit about the Will of the People.  The Republicans aren't much better.  What surprises me is the level of stupidity that rank-and-file Democrats have sunk to in order for the Party to convince them that not only is it ok, but it is encouraged, to hate and belittle and deride all of those who aren't Leftists.

We are in a really fucked up place and people are too stupid to recognize it.

The Jan sixth protests were, I believe, in some folks' minds, about correcting the slide to the Left.  The problem is that it seems the majority of the people caught up in the protests that day had no true idea what they were doing.  They were just there and got caught up in the moment.  If Leftists get caught up in the moment and destroy cities and leave dead people in their wake it's ok.  It's all in the name of social justice.

Was Trump behind it?  LOL.  That is what the "commission" is out to prove determine.  If the protestors were there at the Capitol based on the power of Trump's personality, we have bigger problems than just the Democrats.

Today is day 369 of waiting for the approval of my tax stamps so I can go pick up 2 new suppressors.  ;)  

And 9 more days on my most recent trip to fb jail.

Anyway... my 2 cents for today.


28 January 2022

Too good to pass up...

May be an image of 4 people and text that says 'CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & ROGAN Brought to you by Spotify' 

I like Neil Young's music.  Don't care for his politics.  Never have.  But I don't have to.  And I understand actions based on principle.  I've done things myself, because... "principle".

SiriusXM isn't the same gig for 'ol Neil.  But hey, whatever.


Found while surfing...

May be an image of 1 person, brick wall, outdoors and text 

I'm not sure that this is 100% accurate.  There are ways other than introducing fear, to control a population.  Like giving them free stuff.  And more free stuff...  

Although, the fear of losing the free stuff might be a powerful controlling influence.  I dunno...  

When I was still working, I inevitably always had that single mother who wanted "more money, more hours..."  

But when you gave them more money they found ways to work less hours.  Because more money would lower the amount of the free stuff that they were entitled to.  

And that game is still played today, according to my friends who manage businesses...  You can't pay them enough to want to give up the free stuff.  It is a mindset, a life style.  It's real.



27 January 2022

What did you expect...?

photo credit:  donkeyhotey

Biden gets to nominate a new Justice to SCOTUS.  Big deal.  It's what Presidents do.  

The Democrats succeeded in getting Breyer to retire for the good of the Party Court. They failed when attempting the same thing with Ginsburg, which handed the Conservatives a super majority on the Court after she died. (How did we ever get to the point that ideology is the primary qualifying condition for confirmation of a Justice?)

And 'ol Joe gets to nominate her under the conditions that Republicans put in place when President Trump had a slim majority in the Senate but didn't have the votes he needed to move forward with his (highly qualified) nominees...

I simply hope that whomever 'ol Joe nominates is well qualified and that she can be confirmed quickly, with bipartisan support.

Because I believe that if Republicans go along quietly to confirm a qualified candidate, Joe loses the yuge victory that he would otherwise "win" with a 51 - 50 "hard fought" party line vote.  It becomes less political, less about race, less about gender when both sides agree...  It takes the wind out of the Democrat's (divisive, racist, alt gender-centric) sails and it takes the media out of the selection and confirmation process (as well as out of creating a yuge victory for the Democrats and 'ol Joe).  Please don't tell me that you believe the media wouldn't try to influence this process.  Please.

Any pushback by Republicans will be futile.  It will look like sour grapes.  There is nothing they can do to prevent President Biden's nominee being confirmed.  This is a golden opportunity for Republicans to rise above the fray and come out better for it...

And the Court will still have a 6 - 3 "Conservative" majority.  Nothing really changes other than the Republicans prove they aren't the obstructionists that they are accused of being.  The Republicans prove that they want to do what's best for the Court and for the nation. ;)

There is nothing controversial about this upcoming nomination.  Nothing.  Let's not make it so. 

The caveat, of course, is that if Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, or Hillary Clinton become the nominee... lol, well, then the Republicans need to fight like hell.  I would hope that those folks would fail to garner total Democrat support in the Senate and would, therefore, not be considered... ;)  (I know Hillary isn't Black, but her husband is ;) )


Time to stop the stupid and to start moving forward.


24 January 2022

So, Newt...

What we are witnessing in Washington D.C. right now is political theater at the very highest level.  The stakes are (potentially) astronomical.  Who's going to flinch?  :)

I always kinda liked Newt.  He frequently said what he thought, and he generally seemed smarter than most of his peers...  A logical, common sense, down to earth kind of guy.  ;)

Newt is warning the Democrat members of the Congress that people are beginning to realize that the "Jan 6 Committee" is an illegitimate attempt to intimidate those Americans on the Right, while gaining favor with those Americans on the Left, via political gamesmanship, to gain complete control of the Republic.    

Newt is warning the Party that just spent 4 years attempting to overthrow a sitting President, followed by a year of attempting to assure that he is never President again, regardless of the will of the People, that they have been found out. That they are dirty and everyone sees it.  Democrats are being warned that, in the almost certain event that they lose the House and the Senate in the upcoming midterm elections, there will be a reckoning.  And that reckoning will be painful.  Newt is clearly saying that no one, including the current President, is off limits. 

I had always hoped that Republicans were beyond the pettiness of this type of politics.  I had hoped the People would eventually see that Republicans were truly working for the good of all, and that the Democrats were simply pretending to "be for the little guy" while trying to rob the people that provide jobs and create a vibrant economy.  I had hoped that, through word and deed, the Republicans would stand above this and shine for everyone to see.  But...  I think they are all corrupt.  Perhaps corrupt in different ways, but still corrupt.  I need to give that some thought.  

Anyway, I'm not sure any of it is real.  ;)  But it's fun.


19 January 2022

21 Days...

 Well, shit... I have 21 days left on my current trip to fb jail.  Completed a 7 day stint and BAM!!! 30 more days!

I bought my last 2 suppressors from dealer stock on 28 Jan 2021.  My check for the tax stamps was cashed by BATF on 6 Mar 2021.  356 days so far.  The last suppressor that I purchased prior to these 2 took 270 days from purchase to delivery.  Ahhhhhhhh well... the new e-file system promises to deliver your tax stamp in less than 90 days.  Covid.  Biden.  Excuses.

Nick Saban wrote a letter to the US Senate supporting the new Democrat "voting rights legislation" and telling Manchin and Senima to get on board and pass this new voting rights act.  Saban is an idiot.  If he wants to be a politician he should give up his coaching career and run for office.  But in our modern world, the game is religion and Nick Saban is a god.  There is nothing he can do to prevent 101,000 Tide fans from filling that stadium for every home game.  Don't get me wrong. 'ol Nick can believe and say whatever he wants to.  I just find it difficult to see any sincerity in his voice...  And I think he should stick to coaching, since that's what the People of Alabama pay him to do.  

Direct TV has cancelled OANN.  Seriously?  

'ol Joe is currently polling across the board at about a 36% approval rating.  Because he sucks.  36% of America is Democrats.  FJB.  Anyway, I saw yesterday that one major news source was saying he was 49%.  Ya know what?  'ol Joe's approval rating is whatever the media can make his soft brained followers believe it is.   I can't believe that even 36% of my fellow Americans can support his dumb ass.

When the media continuously repeats what Leftists want, whether those be a majority of Leftists or not, folks start believing what they are told. Pretty fucked up.  The internet, 24 hour news, and social media are a propagandist's wet dream. 

Media is powerful.  This meme is from a site called "Conservatives Are Destroying Our Future" Their motto is "#vote blue no matter who #vote blue 2022".

Obviously this statement could be made by someone on either "side", and be accurate.  I don't think Robert Reich is a Conservative.

Anyway, I'm beginning to believe that Americans of all ideologies are too stupid for "self government".

The end is near, I believe.  I had hoped for peace and happiness in my old age, at least on a personal level. I could ignore the world in an attempt to find my personal peace, but the world will still be there.  A world full of Leftists trying to tell me how to live my life.  That cannot be escaped.

Here we are.

Give me some good news.  :)  (Is that a song lyric, or something?  If not, it should be.)

Anyway... Happy New Year.