"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." ~~Thomas Jefferson

"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

19 October 2013

Lets think about this...

"Nope, they can't take a joke. Yep, they have all the neat toys."

I was responding to a comment from my friend Old Bob this morning when my old tired mind started to run away with itself.  Maybe it is being caused by the coffee and jelly toast?  This is an extension, if you will, of my thoughts to Old Bob.  This is my mind running away with itself...


The one thing that you have to remember is that the force that they will ultimately have to use against us is made up of our sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, our grandchildren...  It is made up of our neighbors and friends, their sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, their grandchildren...  These are the people who played games in our yards when they were themselves children.  The kids who had milk and cookies in the kitchen with our kids after school.  The kids who participated in Friday night sleepovers and watched Saturday morning cartoons in our living rooms.

When push comes to shove, when the shit finally hits the fan, when "real world ugly" is at our doorstep in a big and meaningful way, the force they intend to use against us won't have the stomach to do what the gubbmint will want them to do.   Let me give these people who will have to "take us out of the picture" a little more credit...  There aren't enough of them who are depraved enough to do what the gubbmint will need them to do.

And the gubbmint knows that.


They would first have to disarm us, starve us, break us completely before they could herd us into the camps...  They would have to shut off the power and leave it off.  They would have to create an environment so bad, so unbearable, so ugly that we would want to go to the camps...

That isn't going to happen.  We are still Americans.  No matter what obama says, We are still different.  We won't allow it.

The thing that they forget, that they try to minimize, is the indisputable fact that America is more than just people.  America is an idea.  An idea that is bigger and stronger and more durable than those who would destroy her.  They have done their best to eliminate the idea from our collective psyche, but there is still a spark.  The idea isn't dead.

They may be able to kill or imprison me.  They may be able to kill or imprison you.  What they cannot do is to kill or imprison us.

Yet, they will try.


The fatal mistake that is being made today by the people pulling the strings that make the obama administration dance is impatience.  They believe that America is at the point where she is "ripe for the pickin'".  They believe that obama and Jarrett, et al, are the people to get the job done.  Or to at least lay the groundwork so that others after them may get the job done.

They are wrong.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin said: "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted".

The Communists who have infiltrated and corrupted our public education still use this as their mantra.  They believe that they can successfully steal the idea of America away from The People by educating the idea of freedom out of our children.  Perhaps they could have, if the people pulling the strings of the obama administration had been a little more patient.  Perhaps obama is just the precursor of  things to come?  Perhaps he isn't "the one"?

The goal of public education today is to dumb down our children, and thus, ultimately, our society.  The goal is to create a population of complacent, compliant, pliable citizens who will unthinkingly do as they are told.  It tries to eliminate the idea of the individual who has God given rights and replace it with the idea of a Godless collectivism.  It is impossible to subjugate a people who believe that individual freedom is a God given right.

Educators and politicians have aborted the definition of "equality" in order to make our children believe that every person is equally capable.  Because the idea of "equally capable" is an easily proven lie, they have thrown out the demand for equal opportunities and replaced it with the demand for equal outcomes.  They call it "justice".  Taking the fruits of my labor and giving it to someone who has been placed in a position where he or she can refuse to labor for themselves is not justice.  It is simply theft.  Nothing more, nothing less.   It is morally reprehensible.  It is indicative of the unethical, immoral mentality of those who would rule us.  For a government to allow any individual who is capable of giving some type of productive labor in order to make his or her own way in life, and not requiring that labor, is seen as an abhorrent and reprehensible practice by any free man or free people.

We are in no way obligated, morally or otherwise, as A People, to take care of those who will not take care of themselves.  Those who depend upon someone stealing from you and me in order that they may live are the immoral ones.  Each of us has a moral obligation to take care of ourselves, whether as individuals or as groups that we voluntarily associate ourselves with.   Individuals may feel an obligation or desire to take care of those who refuse to take care of themselves, but it is not the obligation of The People as a whole.  We were wrong to allow such an environment to be created.  We are wrong to allow it to continue.  On the other hand, to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves, through no fault of their own, is an entirely different matter.  Do not allow yourself to be confused by the two very different issues.

The Doctrine of Political Correctness is the second biggest lie ever told.  ("There is no God" being the first biggest lie.  We can argue about that later. I will say that the destruction of God was the first step in creating the "world" we live in today:))  The Doctrine of Political Correctness is the lie that allows all of the evil we see today to flourish.  It is the lie that keeps our thoughts in check and prevents us calling out and holding accountable those who would use the lie to gain advantage over us.  It is the lie that is being taught to our children day in and day out as they are being indoctrinated in our public schools.  It is a doctrine of mediocrity.  Mediocrity breeds mediocrity.  The parents of these children have also been educated in the Doctrine of Political Correctness.  As they get older and gain more life experience they may realize that the things that they have been taught aren't always true, but the Doctrine of Political Correctness is so strong and so pervasive that it works to keep their thoughts and words in check.  They will always remain silent.  We wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  We wouldn't want anyone leaving disappointed.  No one fails...    Oh, what a wonderful world!  :)


What is the point of this rant, you ask?

America is in trouble.  We are in trouble because we weren't paying attention and we allowed the things that are most important to become dormant.  They required too much effort to maintain.  Participating took too much effort.  We were too busy with other endeavors.  We got caught up in the accumulation of "things".  We created a world where we didn't have to labor around the clock just to survive.  Some of these issues aren't bad, in and of themselves,  but they distracted us from keeping our freedom.  We stayed home and watched the game on TV instead of going to that council meeting.  We spent so much time at the office that we were too tired to go to the polls and vote.  Those School Board meetings are such a drag that we just can't bear them...  We allowed ourselves to be too intimidated to speak out against the political candidate whose campaign speech was contrary to everything that we believe in.  Guess what?  She got elected.  And she really did believe in the outlandish things she was promoting during those speeches.  And she convinced others to follow her and to help change her beliefs to reality.  And our freedom died because we took for granted that it would always be there.

How much pull do we really have, as individuals?

In the home, usually quite a lot.  The further from home we get, the more our individual influence diminishes.  When we stay at home, we have no influence outside of our little world.  When a group of individuals band together for a common cause, the strength, the potential influence, of those individuals grows.  While we sat at home, content in the small comfortable worlds that we had created, the people who want more control, the people who aren't ambitious enough or handy enough to create an individual world that they are satisfied with on their own, the people who hate our freedoms banded together.   They know that there is strength in numbers.  They know that every whining voice added to the collective howl makes it stronger and gives it greater influence.  They took control and changed our world while we watched NASCAR on the tube.  They made people believe that it was their right to expect to be taken care of by the evil producers of society.  And they made us pay for it.

If they can band together to effect change, we can do the same.  We can learn a lesson from them.

obama and the people he surrounds himself with are not Socialists.  The Germans, the British and the French are Socialists.  They steal the money from the producers in order to provide "equality" and public works for the masses.  I believe that their intentions are good, if misguided.  obama and his minions are dyed-in-the-wool Communists.  They want control.  They want to control everything.  They are Stalinists, Marxists, Castroists...   Any flavor of Communist that you can think of, rolled into one.  They take a little bit from each of the Communist regimes that have failed, or are failing, and then try to prove that they can make Communism succeed here in America.   Their intentions are not good.  The welfare and continuing success of America are not first and foremost in their minds.   To them, America is a land of rich resources and plentiful labor, ripe for the plucking.  A gift that they would love to steal for their Masters.  Oh, I know that obama is not the first Communist to try to steal America.  He is simply the most recent one.  And he is scary because he appears to be the definitive sociopath, well suited for his current role.  He is merely an actor on the stage.  His Masters chose wisely.

Do I think that our military will turn on us if told to do so?  These sons and daughters of ours?


Not in usable, effective numbers.  Some of them will, of course, because that is what their public education and the home life that they experienced during their formative years has programmed them to do.  If you look around it is easy to see the effects of the Communist takeover of our schools...  Like most Liberals, those who will obey orders to turn on their fellow citizens are not mature enough to make "real world" decisions for themselves.  They require someone to provide for them and to make their decisions for them.  They will gladly follow orders if they believe that there is some free benefit for them at the end.  They would rather play video games.

Will it be some foreign Army invading our shores on behalf of obama and a cabal of Globalists?

I doubt it.

Who, then?  Who would have the power to force the non-believers to the camps, killing the incorrigibles along the way?  Who would even be willing to do such a thing?

I mean, people like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn just sat around in the drug induced haze of the 60s and talked (mostly just to hear themselves talk) about the oppressed minorities of this country rising up and crushing the White Man who had kept them in the chains of slavery for so long, right?  They talked about the sweet revenge that would be realized by those oppressed people, if only they could destroy everything that Whitey had built, right?  Destroying America is justified and will make everything right with the world, right?  The White Man is an evil entity, an aberration of the human condition, a scourge to be destroyed or enslaved, right?   We have made so much progress in bringing the races together that no one would dare do anything to try to interfere with that progress.  No one would dare be a divisive influence on a nation that is in the process of healing old wounds and acknowledging and working to correct wrongs of the past.  No one, especially the government of a racially diverse society, would create welfare programs and the like to keep a segment of their citizens enslaved by poverty and beholden to that government, right?  Yeah, right.

We have ghettos in this country that are full of people who have no regard for human life.  They will do anything to sell their drugs or get their prostitutes into bed with someone and make a few bucks.  They will do whatever it takes to assure that their "gang" stays on top and in control of the "hood".  They will kill anyone who threatens their turf.   They have zero respect for anyone or anything outside of their immediate area.

Do you think that a race war would shift the balance?  Would you deny that there is a race war going on in this country today?  Would you deny that the lawless minority is the aggressor? 

Am I being politically incorrect?

Do TSA agents milling about the airports and groping you at the gate make you feel more secure?  How about the wandering patrols at the train stations who stop and question you?  Do you feel safer when you see a cop on the street wearing what looks just like the equipment our soldiers wear into combat?  How about those Bear Cats, and other "surplus" armored vehicles rolling through the neighborhoods and around town?  You OK with that?  Did the shutting down of entire neighborhoods and cops forcing their way into private homes after the Boston Marathon bombing make you stand up and cheer "Hooray for the Good Guys"?  How about the traffic stops and questioning along America's highways?  What are they looking for?  You do realize that some of the participants in these exercises get off on the control they have over you, right?  THEY GET OFF ON IT!  Do you think that you have any recourse against them after your rights have been trampled violated?  I mean, if the courts will stand beside them rather than beside you, you never had those rights to begin with, right?   We have become a nation of cowards and the rule of law is owned by the highest bidder.  Why?  Because we aren't willing to do anything about it.

Do you really think that the military are the only people with the power to be able to violently control this country, if "necessary"?  All that has to be done is to keep the legitimate military out of the fight long enough to allow the violence to escalate to the point that they can be "constitutionally" employed.  There are enough others who have the firepower and the willingness to work at taking us down until that point has been reached.  We are a nation of people that can be easily manipulated.

But seriously, folks...  I don't know whats going on in this country.  I just know that it isn't the America that I grew up in.  Not even close.

I don't know if the events of today will be the end of our nation as we know it, or if we will come back stronger and more willing to prevent such encroachments against our liberties in the future.  I don't know if we will be willing to re-assume the responsibilities of protecting our nation and our rights from those who would take them from us.  There are a million possibilities out there.

What I do know is that something that is totally out of character for America and Americans is going on in this country today.  We have evolved into a nation of people who are willing to demand that others take care of us at their expense.  Those of us who are doing the paying are apparently OK with it.  I know that we elected a man President whom we knew absolutely nothing about.  A man who is petty and arrogant and who refuses to negotiate.  A man who acts like the sandbox bully who declares that if he doesn't get his way he will take the ball and go home.  A man who openly declared that the Constitution that defines this nation and its people is an outdated document.  That by itself says a lot about what we have become.  He said in an interview with Barbara Walters during the run up to the election  in October of 2008 that our Constitution is outdated and that it "states only what the government cannot do to the people but that it doesn't state what the government must do for the people" (paraphrased).  I watched that interview.  It struck fear into my heart.  It brought tears to my eyes.  He has been declared by many to be a genius "Constitutional Scholar".  If he truly is such a scholar, the standards for that accolade appear to be quite low.  He is dishonest.  He is a true believer that "the end justifies the means".  He appears to be a megalomaniac.  That said, he is merely a small piece of a bigger problem.  A symptom of a bigger disease.  There are a lot of people in our government like him.  People from both parties.  Our apathy has allowed them to facilitate the events that have brought us to where we are today.  Many people will say that "it isn't that bad".  People who know better but are unwilling to get off their asses and get to work fixing it.

I wish obama no harm.  I just wish he would go away.  He is the epitome of what is wrong with this country today.  The end result of the inflated visions of self worth and the willingness to use the detrimental effects of political correctness to achieve one's own goals at the expense of others that is so pervasive in the world today.

There was a time, not so long ago, when nearly every person in the world respected America and what she stood for and what she was capable of.  Many people living in that world wanted to be Americans, or to be just like Americans.  I can't imagine too many people feel that way today.  They laugh at us because we cannot get our house in order.  They look at us as a weak and vacillating nation that doesn't know what it wants and is unwilling to do "the right thing".  They see us creating an opportunity for them to take advantage of us as soon as the time is right.  We are no longer that "shining light" that we were even a few short years ago.

Once upon a time we were able to have our squabbles with each other, like all siblings have, and to listen to each other, understand each other, and then figure out a way to peaceably satisfy each of our needs.  We may not have gotten all that we wanted, but we were able to get enough to make it work for everyone.  We have lost that ability to work through our differences to come to a mutually agreeable solution.

Once upon a time we cared about each other.

We have a clear choice to make.  Fix it, or fuck it.

Rant over :)

Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Damn fine rant Blue. Keep up the Fire Manchu! regards, Alemaster

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a good rant, I hope you feel better. ;-)
All we can do is stand up for what we believe and prepare for the worst. If it never comes true, great, but prepare any way. We will do this because we are Americans and true Americans don't expect any one to take care of them, they just do what they have to do.
Miss Violet

Old Bob said...

Magnificent rant, Blue!
May I post it on Facebook? -- credit to you, of course.

Blue said...

Alemaster... Thanks. :)

Miss V. ... Yeah, I feel better. And yes, we will keep on keeping on. Its what we do. :)

Bob... Magnificent? You are making me blush! Post away. :)

Robert Fowler said...

Passed along.

We really need to take our education system back from the communists that are ruining it. That would be a great start.

Blue said...

Robert... A start, yes. We were sleeping, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Well said sir, well said...

Wraith said...

I hope to Almighty God that you're right about the military.

But a lot of people said the same things about the cops enforcing orders to take our guns, and Katrina proved them decidedly wrong. And with the recent purges of high officers and ramping up of blatant lies and propaganda within the ranks of the military(even at Ft. Hood? Really?), things are taking a decidedly unsettling turn.

I really hope you're right, bro...because if you're wrong, we're so far past doomed that 'doomed' isn't even in the same dimension.

mtp said...

There is nothing like a good rant on the causes of Liberty to tart off ones day right.

Ain’t going to be easy, Liberty never is. We got ourselves into this pickle, and we can get out of it. We got to stick together and shove tyranny right up the tyrants arses. One other thing I know with all my heart. We ain’t close to finished with this 5000 year leap.

Anonymous said...

May God's blessings sit upon your house in the coming time of Jacob's Trouble.
You are a Man, who's eyes are open, with eyes that see...
Obama did not WIN the last election sir, he was handed the office by forfeit...the numbers don't lie.
9 MILLION more people voted for McShame than voted for Romney...
WE laid down on the altar of Liberty and took a nap. WE said "Fuck it" and abandoned our first commission; Eternal Vigilance.
These dumbasses even have a name for themselves; L.I.B.s, the Let It Burn ers.
It is indeed a sad and sick situation when people give up on voting, this means they have lost faith in the system. They want war, uncivil war... I tell them, this is what 'they' want, is to stir you up, and get you to do something stupid, so they can 'Crack down'. But, I think, these idiots even want that to happen too, so that They, can respond in kind.
You are probably correct in your analysis of the military and the gangs, but don't leave out the MOOOOOOOOSlimes.
This slime in the WH, hasn't been to church in years... he went enough times to 'prove' he was 'one of us'. Carefully scripted, the 'sweet words on the tongue, that now, grow bitter in the belly'.

I'm afraid it will come to bloodshed, and I'm afraid it is Biblical. The original meanings of words give us clues, but our 'preachers'(spit), keep us in 'submission to Godly authority', overlooking and ignoring the truths, that we are all now murderers... Yes, murderers. Why?
ObaamyCare... you, and those who 'submit', will be paying for the murders of the UnBorn. I'm sure God is very happy with America.
The original(non catholic) meaning of the words "nation shall rise against nation" meant, in the Greek; ETHNOS. That is, ethnic. So the true interpretation of this phrase means; 'ethnic shall rise against ethnic'.

America's cup of Karma is full, and it will soon be time to pay the Piper... we will pay for our apathy, complacency, and ignorance as the Universe has rules; Cause and Effect. We will pay because of our divisions and denominations, and the perfidy of preachers who sold themselves to Mammon for 30 pieces of tax free silver. There is no Black Robe Regiment today, it wears pink lace panties and sits upon a Beast of ten horns, ten tribes lost.

But, there are still patriots and hero's left, and we are, the Hands of God's Justice. Sell your coat and buy a sword, aim small, shoot small... Molon Labe.
There will be blood.
Because the III%, are everywhere.

God bless.
The Piper

Anonymous said...

Nice post, and I agree with most of your thoughts.

I do believe the people picked to do the dirty work are the Russians. Here me out:

Russia is just as much part of the Western money empire as we are. The same people who funded the Fed funded the Soviets and were active in Russia making money through the "Cold War".

Secondly, the Russians need NATO to fight China for them. Russia can't fight China directly (or Asia goes nuclear and disappears) and neither side wants that. They also know they can't both occupy the same continent and both be big dogs. Therefore, NATO takes on China and Russia is used to provide the muscle to chase patriots through the mountains.

(This is also why we have been trying to invade the four countries between Turkey and the Chinese border. If you are previously entrenched on that corridor, you get to start WWIII halfway up China's butt).

Finally, Russia provides the only source of enough Europeanized white people who would also shoot Americans without a thought. That allows you to bring in white Europeans with sexy accents to keep the Loyalists happy while those same white guys are chasing the "terrorists".

This is why we did a joint training exercise with the Russians last year in Colorado. This is why they announced that "security partnership" bullshit a few months ago.

My advice is to bone up on some Russian. We may need it.

Anonymous said...

We have not all been sleeping. Have spent oh the last 40 YEARS+ attempting to awaken others, to little avail. Paine's words - "time makes more converts than appeals to reason" are coming true. Again.

Tragically, activities such as attending school board meetings supports and emboldens the opposition & system by working within the box one has made around oneself. Far better to deny them the legitimacy of operation and existence by ending government sponsored childhood indoctrination centers.

You may not be totally succesful, but when the fundamental premise is challenged the game changes from expansion to survival. Changing the conversation, as it were.

Just my $0.02

Anonymous said...

from Common Sense - "time makes more converts reason" -Thomas Paine 1791

Anonymous said...

Your eyes are open... and the true American Patriot heartbeat in this country remains strong... but please do not forget the last Civil War! You are remiss to think that "our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, etc. will never turn against us".

bocopro said...

Yeah, good rant in many ways . . . . in fact, very like some of my own over the past few years.

Two points, tho --(1) we've already reached the tipping point at which more are taking than are contributing. More than half the people are so dependent upon Welfare or Food Stamps or Unemployment or MedicAid that they can't afford to vote against the entrenched liberals who want to feed the rich too the poor.

and (2), our bass-ackwards immigration policy plus the fecundity rates of caucs as compared to latinos and other non-caucs will completely reverse the majority ratio of whites to others before the turn of the next century. At present rates, 50/50 will be the reality sometime around mid-century.

No . . . and before you jump my ass about love of country and all that, I did my 24 years AcDu (Navy) . . . it's pretty clear to me that either we'll have a revolution of sorts to return to the days of individual accountability and all that or the nation will splinter into about 5 separate entities, one of which will be spanish-speaking, one of which will be primarily black, another will be Europe II, and another will be Canada South.

I'd LOVE to grind Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and about half the Supremes and the Senate into fertilizer for tomato plants, but it'd just be wasted effort, 'cause the "entitled" and "nanny-state dependent" crowd would just vote in clone replacements of 'em.

O.K. I'm out. Fire at will.

Blue said...

doubleportionranch... Thank you!

Wraith... I believe that cops are different than the military. They scare me more than the military. They seem to relish any opportunity to be tyrants. I think that when it gets real ugly they're gonna ditch the uniforms and try to blend in.

"we're so far past doomed that 'doomed' isn't even in the same dimension." Yep. We do have that. You take care, Brother.

Patriot... No, it isn't going to be easy. I pray to God that we don't make it any easier for those who mean us harm.

Piper... Thank you, good Sir! I agree with you that this may be biblical. I understand "nation against nation". Ain't gonna be easy. Bless you.

Anon 12:29... Could it be Russia? Quite possibly. "Losing" the Cold War had to sting. And the "sexy Euro accents"... Yeah, that could be a big deal :)

Anon 13:03... Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I think that we lost our opportunity when we didn't go to those school board meetings. It emboldened the Communists when they could get their way with no resistance. Just my thoughts :) We gave it all away and didn't realize it was gone until it was too late. We had no chance considering that we couldn't even be bothered to show up. :)

Anon 14:17... Yep. :)

Anon 18:30... I am very aware that brother fought brother in The War Between the States. I didn't mean to infer that they will "never turn against us" I just don't think they will this time. If they do, in the beginning, which is a very real possibility, I think they will quickly lose the stomach for it. I pray that it doesn't get to that point. Thanks for stopping by!

bocopro... We are on the same page, my friend. :)

Josh Kruschke said...

Good rant.


Blue said...

Josh... :)