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24 November 2013

I was hungry...


It was good.


Sarthurk said...

Similar to my breakfast. I was hungry too.

Blue said...

It was good!

Anonymous said...

Looks good too!

Brother and I went deer hunting this past weekend. It was a spontaneous trip and we didn't have time to shop, just grab what we had in the house and go. Brother and a friend and son are going back right after Thanksgiving, so it was just a quick trip.

Had two packages of brats and a polish sausage link in freezer - yeah, just bring that, a loaf of bread was taken as well and those were two of our meals, no sides, just brats and bread.

Temps were low 40s, it was drizzling and wind was about 15 mph with gusts over 30 - cold as hell. The 5 gallon water jug was dispensing cold refrigerator temperature water. (Why does water do that - cold when you want warm, hot when you want cold?)

Anyway, we survived and enjoyed it. Sorry for long post - those pictures just reminded me of that.

Blue said...

Anon... Deer hunting is coming up for me in December. Bow season is open now and I just got a pic from my cousin showing her boys and 4 nice deer. 'Tis the season!

Stay safe.

Adrienne said...

Had a guy in the store where I work tell me his daughter bagged her first deer of the season from the bedroom window. I guess it beats sitting around outside freezing you yum yums off.

Adrienne said...

Oh - and breakfast looked good until you smashed up those lovely yokes. When I come for breakfast it will be sunny and runny!

bocopro said...

I usedta eat like that . . . steaks, chops, ribs, salsiggia, pizza, grits 'n' eggs . . . . .

Then one day I woke up in Sacred Heart hospital with a semicircle of docs in smocks staring down at me.

The top-gun cardiologist said, "Well, you had a little excitement there for a while." Then he paused for a moment and went on, "Now, you KNOW that you're going to die . . ." and there was a long pause this time before he continued with "unless --" and thence began a litany of stuff I'd have to give up, like steaks and chops and ribs and salsiggia and pizza and grits 'n' aigs.

So, being a good sailor, I followed his orders and began a program of spitting out anything I found in my mouth that tasted good. Thirteen years later, and I'm still suckin air.

Managed to delude myself that BocaBurgers and plain Cheerios in skim milk and absolutely nothin fried can be a tasty diet if you just convince yourself it is.

Here is delusion: I put two BocaBurgers with fake salt and some other seasonings on 'em in the toaster oven. Got a huge onion and a beast of a beefsteak tomato and cut half-inch-thick slices from 'em.

Loaded the buns with fat-free Mayo and those magnificent slices of tomato and onion and got my burgers from the oven.

Ate the first sammidge, telling myself how great it was, and then went to make the second one . . . at which time I found both BocaBurgers still on the grill rack.

Mind over matter, guys. I guess a country-fried fart would be good if you get it with the right sales pitch, huh?

Blue said...

Adrienne... I could deer hunt from my back window. That would be nice but I don't think my neighbors would appreciate it. They're no fun and have no sense of adventure, though I don't think any of them would turn me in. I'll just keep freezing my yum yums off, I guess. Eggs sunny and runny? Oh yeah! I can do sunny side up but prefer over easy. Just enough to get the whites done. Or almost done. :)

Boco... Doesn't sound like a whole lotta fun. My doctor keeps telling me that what I eat isn't the problem, just how much I eat. I tell him that the wife is a good cook.

bocopro said...

My wife's a GREAT cook. When I met her, she couldn't cook a friggin egg. Apparently her understanding of stoves was that they had two settings: OFF and BLAST! Her eggs came out like little frisbees, or deep-sink plugs.

Made two consecutive WestPac cruises, and when I got back from the second one, I discovered that she'd either been sleepin with a French chef or just had a culinary epiphany. Made EVER'thang, and perfectly! Roast, grill, fry-up, stew, casserole, omelet, pastry . . . and it was all GOOD STUFF!!!

Think that's what got me into a cholesterol quagmire. A Southeast Asian rich girl, her most comfortable specialties all begin with garlic and onion sauteed in sowbelly fat. And with that starting point, it's kinda hard to fuck it up . . . tastes good no matter what goes into it after that -- termaters, beans, squash, whatever.

Problem is, since that MI and the warnings the doctor gave her about my inverted LDL/HDL ratio, she refuses to cook anything for me in a skillet, and that's what she's best at.

Brock Townsend said...

Yum. :)