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02 February 2014

Thirteen pounds...


Ran two tumblers most of the day yesterday.  Polished 13 pounds of .223 brass.  Most of the brass in the bag on the left was polished with Lyman's green treated corn cob media in a Lyman's 1200 Turbo tumbler.  This media gives the finished product something of a satin finish.  The brass in the coffee can on the right was cleaned in an old Frankford Arsenal tumbler with untreated corn cob media and a little bit of brass polish.  It has a very shiny finish.  Both products take about 4 hours to get the job done.

I need to get the granddaughter down here to start sizing brass.  Her little arm is going to be sore.  :)


PioneerPreppy said...

Nice. I have done zero reloading this Winter. Been too busy cutting and hauling firewood and keeping the pipes from freezing.

Blue said...

PP... Keeping those pipes from freezing is kind of a big deal... :)

john jay said...


i have an old rock polisher, a "thumbler's tumbler," that i have used for nearly 40 years.

i used to use rcbs crushed walnuts, but, as of late, the stuff has just turned to dust, so i don't pay a fortune for a box of it anymore.

i simply use long grain thai rice. yep, i just put rice in the tumbler, w/ no polishing media, and give it an overnight whirl. it works rather well.

i use it until it turns black, and then into the garbage.

john jay

p.s. did i mention that it is cheap? sorta.

Blue said...

John Jay... That's good information! Thanks!

I asked my granddaughter if she thought we could reload all of those in one day. "Oh Papa, no way!" LOL.