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26 May 2014

Spiral cut your wiener...



Anonymous said...

I saw my friend's Mom do this about 40 years ago, but she didn't cut quite so drastically. Just a spiral slice about 1/8 inch deep, then fried up in a black skillet. I've spiralled my dogs ever since. Really brings out the flavor.

But ketchup on a dog... ?
SO wrong.

Blue said...

Mustard and onions... ;)

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Yes never ketchup, I make sauerruben which is pretty good on them.

Anonymous said...

That is a very cool trick. I like an inexpensive version of the 'Chicago Dog' hot dog (onion, green peppers, tomato) using salsa in its place. But the 'fixings' keep falling out - this should help. Thanks man!