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20 June 2014

I'm curious...

I wonder what diseases are being brought into this country by the thousands of unfettered immigrants illegally crossing our southern border every day?

Do they vaccinate against the diseases in Central America and Mexico that have been eradicated for years in this country?

How about new strains of diseases that have never been seen in this country?

A form of tuberculosis that we can't treat?  Syphilis?

It must not be a problem because the CDC isn't screaming about it.  Oh, wait...  They wouldn't scream about it.  They work for obama.

Just curious.



Andrea said...


Children not Syria -
PotrBlog has videos going back to at least September of preparations being made for pandemic.

If anything they are patient. It has not spread far enough yet.

Angus McThag said...

Just send Jenny McCarthy's kids down to play canary.

Anonymous said...

You mean stuff like the new, benznidazole-resistant, nifurtimox-resistant strains of Chagas' Disease (a protozoan parasite that destroys heart muscle tissue and causes untreatable, fatal heart disease) being brought into this country by the wetba--I mean, "wonderfully diverse cultural enrichers," which is spread by the insecticide-resistant bedbugs they bring with them?


I remember being in college, in 1990-91, being told by some people who were then regarded as "extremists" about Chagas' Disease and other horrors being brought into this country. The Official Truth then was that it did not exist. Now they admit it exists, but it's not a problem.

Borders, language, culture. (Tainted) blood and soil.

Blue said...

Thank you, Andrea...

McThag... Yep, that'll work.

Anon... Thanks.

Unknown said...

I know that there sure has been a increase in Bed Bugs not sure why but i look close when I go stay in a hotel anymore

MADDOG61 said...

Here's a thought: Put the kids in DC. That way, if they have a disease, maybe it would wipe out congress, and others. That way, we solve the problem of "fruitcakes electing fruitcakes." If the POTUS has a pen and a phone, he should mandate that every congressman or woman adopt one of these wonderfully diverse kids. Then we'll see action on immagration reform and deportation accelerated. These kids are future of the Democratic Party being elected over and over - so why deport your future voters? Remember this: "If I had a son, I'd want him to be like Pedro (use to be Travon)." Lead by example POTUS and foster one of these innocent invaders who will crash our health and social services not to mention our economy!