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04 October 2014

Where is Bowe Bergdahl...?


Haven't heard anything at all about PFC Bowe Bergdahl lately.  I wonder what's going on with him?   Crickets from the media.  Perhaps releasing a deserter back into society is a non-story?

Do you 'spose the obamanites have found a way to quietly release him back into American society?   To just make the story go away?  Short attention span Americans have already forgotten about him.  To quote a(n) (in)famous former member of the (obscene) obama cabinet...  "What difference does it make?"  Right?  Huh?  Who cares, right?  ;)

If a new crisis is manufactured each day, the crisis of yesterday will be immediately forgotten by the American people.

"How wonderful for governments that the people they administer do not think"
~~~Adolph Hitler

What do you suppose the 5 Al qaeda POWs released in exchange for PFC Bergdahl are doing these days?  I wonder if they have any relationship with ISIS?  I wonder if they are back to killing people?

Inquiring minds want to know.


bocopro said...

The guy's a flake, and what pisses me off is why it's taking so long to "investigate" the case of his apparent desertion and publish the findings. I'm guessing that won't happen until after the election, for obvious reasons.

Rand Paul had a nice comment on it -- said, instead of handing over 5 senior Taliban, we should have handed over 5 Congressional Democrats.

Blue said...

I wonder if Bergdahl will ever be investigated?

I think Rand Paul had it right :)

MADDOG61 said...

First thought; he ought to be sharing a toilet / cell with Manning. They're hoping it will all go away and be forgotten. As a Life Member, and if it turns out like I think it will, I hope the VFW doesn't consider letting him darken the portals to their clubs or posts. I mean if it quacks like a deserter and walks like a deserter....We'll see.

Blue said...

He will end up with a Bad Conduct discharge and will meld back into society somewhere. Perhaps in Afghanistan?

No Eddie Slovik punishment for this guy, even though his desertion was a kazillion times worse than Slovik's.

MADDOG61 said...

Slovik wanted to go home. This guy - how much did he willingly spill about our tactics, equipment, etc. to his new-found buddies? ISIS get any of that intell? A Quisling is a Quisling. This is war and he (maybe) sold out his country. He and Manning should be on the military version of Death Row. Maybe, Jane Fonda will hire him. Birds of a feather...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "What difference does it make?" I hope someone puts on campaign literature/billboards/etc with a picture of Hillary next to a picture of a horse's hind-end, and then puts that phrase (What difference does it make?) on that same literature!


MADDOG61 said...

Now "they" won't release the results of the investigation until after the Nov elections. What BS.