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"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

30 June 2015

Violent racism...?

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David P in SC said...

I was wondering when the following would come up:


David P in SC said...


David P in SC said...


MADDOG62 said...

Knee jerk reactions by jerks. As a friend of mine said, "Tylenol is now eliminating the cotton from their bottles because by picking (out) the cotton will be viewed as racist and hateful." WTF? Next the American flag will be forbidden because it represents the racist and genocide nature that America was formed as the American Indians were brutalized into suubmission or extinction. "Figures never lie, but liars can figure." No nation or group of people are "clean" in their development and growth. Sorry - just reality of human nature. No excuses - part of the tab for "free will". Don't condone it, but can't go back in time and "fix it". It is what it is. We can only strive to change and be better to one another.

Blue said...

"No nation or group of people are "clean" in their development and growth."

I couldn't agree more. Every other nation has been able to put their past behind them and move on. The US can't seem to do that. Too much money and power at stake.

People need to ask themselves... Where would the blacks in America be today, if not for the slavery of their ancestors?

That question in no way condones slavery. It is merely a realistic question that no one wants to ask.

The answer is simple. They wouldn't be in America. They would be in grass and mud huts in Africa. That is the truth, plain and simple.

Every country in Europe had black African slaves performing the manual labor at some point in their histories. There are still black Africans in slavery in Africa and the Middle East. No one talks about that. No money or power in that.

Keeping the ghosts of slavery from America's past alive keeps many whites and quite a few blacks in positions of power and influence. It also keeps a large number of blacks in slavery in the ghetto and beholden to those in power. That ain't gonna change until the people of America realize that they are being led down a primrose path regarding slavery...

It is way past time to move on.

MADDOG62 said...

Germany, rightfully, felt national guilt for many years. Finally, they said we did it, we're sorry, won't do it again - movin' on. Now, they are the economic powerhouse of Europe. The US - had said the same things about treatment of Indians, Japanese, blacks, Mormons, etc. But, Comrade and Mike Obama have determined we haven't felt guilty enough, or done enough self-flogging. Their agenda, and something they can understand (forget being a world leader or economic beacon of prosperity) - like community organizing - has brought us to our knees. When will enough be enough? 2016 doesn't hold any hope because Evita / Hillary will be voted in and then you'll see some good times (not). Just more wailing and rioting in the streets.