"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." ~~Thomas Jefferson

"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

03 October 2015


We have raised two generations of whiny, sissified, helpless, entitled children who have never been held responsible or accountable for their actions. We gave them certificates just for showing up and medals just for participating. We medicated them when they misbehaved and made excuses for them when they got into serious trouble. We failed to teach them to act like human beings. We didn't want to hurt their feelings. We failed to teach them how to get along and be responsible in the real world. It is coming back to haunt us.  Karma is a bitch, they say...

We failed to reprimand them. We failed to discipline them. We failed to set standards for them. We failed to teach them right from wrong. We failed to teach them that sometimes things won't go their way and we failed to teach them how to deal with their problems and work them out. 

We have spent "their" entire lives making things "right" with their teachers and their coaches for them so that they would be able to play football on Friday night or soccer on Saturday morning, even though they are failing whatever classes they may be taking these days. 

Today's children go into the world with absolutely no skills relating to recognizing and solving their problems. They have no idea what it means to be responsible. They have no idea how to respect themselves or others. We have solved all of their problems for them all of their lives. Their reality is different than the reality that you and I know... 

They have never had to make a decision and they have never had to answer to any higher authority when they were wrong.  We did all of that for them.

Our sons come to us and say that they really think they "feel" like a girl.  We go to the ends of the earth to gain admission to the girls gym class and the girls potty for our pussified little boys..  Why don't we just tell them to get their head out of their ass and look in a mirror?  If you have a dick and no tits, you're a boy.   If you have tits and no dick, you aren't.

There will be times in life when your feelings will be hurt.  Learn to deal with it without getting a gun and killing someone.

And we wonder why they kill people when they have problems they can't deal with?



Harry Flashman said...

At least my two turned out ok. And my nephews and nieces. All is not lost, though I share your general sense of disillusionment. Perhaps more so, since I taught for three years and saw the system you refer to in full swing.

Angus McThag said...

If you have a dick and tits, you're a fat boy.

Grog said...

Angus, that's some funny shit right there. chuckling

Blue, you'll most likely have a good laugh at the latest evisceration of a liberal puke fuckwit from Larry. :)


Blue said...

Harry... I'm afraid teaching would kill me. I'd see all the little twits. I couldn't take all that. I raised 3 sons. The oldest is 41, middles son is 37 and the youngest is 32. They seem to be hard working self starters who don't cause me any trouble. They all know how to shoot... LOL. I saw the kids of which I speak as my kids were growing up, especially the younger son's compatriots. The kids today scare me for their lack of focus and their stupidity.

McThag... Good one!

Grog... Excellent link. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. :)

bocopro said...

Wouldn't try to add to that if I could. It's clear, concise, and correct. If you submitted it in my class for grade, I'd tell you to resubmit it and give some guidance on cleaning it up a bit. But it's effective and spot on in terms of defining the problem, kinda like when the scientists who said that by the rules of aerodynamics, it's physically impossible for bumblebees to fly, but fly they do.

My youngest son (45) retired 3 years ago as a Navy CPO. Guess he paid some attention to me somewhere along the line. He and one of my daughters will back their kids up all the way, but come down hard on them when they whine or act like sissies.

Adrienne said...

Spot on, Blue. I see the wussified little pukes all the time around here. Lazy, and worst of all, really unkempt. When did it become okay to have dirty greasy looking hair and ugly clothes? Don't even get me started on tattoos. Gross.

We had fish and chips at our local American Legion Friday night. The bartender (a girl) had some sort of stud thingy that looked like a stick through her upper lip. It was utterly disgusting. I will never eat there again.

We re Toast said...

Here, here!

MADDOG62 said...

As Senior Rater of a subordinate officer, I wrote on his OER report card that "This officer's source of commissioning should be invetigated" and bottom blocked him. He was told this, by me, face to face. I suggested other career paths because I was TRULY afraid that he would get his men killed if he "led" them in a hostile environment. No surprises on either side of the desk. As this report made its way through the chain of command I was called no less than 10 times by peers and superiors that my assessment was "cruel" or "unprofessional". I was told to change "sad" to "glad". I refused and told them that if anyone else changed it and tried to sign my name to it, I would go to the IG and demand an investigation on their ass. People don't want to tell hard truthes and the younger generations, as a consequence, are weak and undisciplined (Death before Discomfort). These are the guys and gals that may have to face Putin's legions. It's scary.

Anonymous said...

It all begins with the parents. At 12, cutting wood (two man buck saw) with my father, I was getting tired and told him, "dad, I feel tired and want to quit". Wrong, wrong, wrong thing to say. Response was, "...no one gives a shit how you feel - keep cutting".
Now at 69, I still hear that (dad is now long gone) in my head when sometimes I 'don't' feel like doing something ...........
In the end, I have done well for myself in this world - hard work, trying all the time to do the right think and respecting myself and others ......... just saying - parents are the key.