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10 February 2016

White Pride...



Anonymous said...

I just checked this out on wiki. Sure enough, it is true.

What do I think about that? It makes the job easier when the idjuts self-identify.

Anonymous said...

About right from that POS website. Loaded and edited with loony libs.

De Oppresso Liber

MADDOG62 said...

Makes a white Christian male Citizen feel as though they are an endangered species.

Blue said...

Anon... Yes. It's the way they think. It's what they believe.

MADDOG... Yes, an endangered species, no doubt. Lets see how successful "they" are without "us". ;)

Lance Lavender said...

This image, through selective editing, distorts the Wikipedia definition of Asian Pride to completely change the meaning 180 degrees. I wanted to resend it but it failed my vetting of it. Asian pride is actually defined even more caustically than White pride is.
Printing lies to agitate the easily agitated in an effort to smear your political opposites is the sort of thing that most of us on the right abhor about the left.
Think about the implications of that!
And for those of you who will want to respond and call me a liberal-- I am probably further right than you are. Certainly more rational.
Being right does not spring from lies/misdirections to support opinions.

Blue said...

Lance... Thanks for stopping by. Always appreciate hearing other opinions. :)

Lance Lavender said...

I frequent this website and I enjoy it. You and I are politically similar. I thank you for the effort you make. AND, I especially appreciate your polite reply which is perhaps the nicest "F%#k Y@u" I have ever had delivered. Hooo Hah!
Let me tell you that I was NOT trolling anyone. I made a clear statement of frustration with the lack of rational political discourse today and I was hoping you would be prompted to vet the facts you print better.

Blue said...


I'm not saying F%#k Y@u. :) I do truly appreciate other opinions. I didn't think you were trolling and I do suspect that we are very similar politically. I appreciate your kind words.

I should sometimes put up an explanation of what I'm thinking with some of the things I post. Sometimes I just find things humorous and think that others who see what I post will see either the same humor, or they will see the hypocrisy or the logic. That's what it's really about. ;) In hindsight, I wish the "Asian Pride" portion of that meme hadn't been there. The rest of it was pretty good and indicative of how the Left sees the world. Of course, the Right has problems, too... ;)

Seriously though, have a great day! Thanks for stopping by.

Lance Lavender said...

Am I still on the internet?
You are a man of grace and and my opinion of you (originally, one click above moderate) has been ratcheting upward quickly.
My experience with blogs has not always been happy and I have to admit to profiling you, expecting the usual!
I totally agree about the true parts of the image being enough of a statement without any mention of Asians.
Profiling-- what an innocuous word with such an appalling meaning it currently drags around. Whenever the #blackliesmatter rabble rants about being stopped for "driving while black" or Obola mentions his humiliating experience of having someone lock their car door when he crossed the street next to them, I think back to "the myth laden days of yore" and remember being frequently stopped for "driving while redneck". A white male land surveyor, 6' 2", 240#, long hair, long beard, tee shirt, Levis, 10" boots, generally riding a Harley Davidson with (as often as possible) a floozy on the pussy pad on the rear fender: the only thing is my appearance was not a costume (as with waistband at mid-thigh) and I felt that slap too but I knew the niche I was tucked into and kept civil so it would soon be over. I was never rude to cops who also kept civil and never even contemplated killing a cop.
Anyway, thanks for being more than you could be and while your site is currently a daily stop, it will stay that way into the future with gusto and appreciation.

Blue said...

Peace, Brother. ;)