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06 March 2019

Her name is Pretty...

This little girl...

She keeps me sane.

An 11 year old spayed Himalayan.  Seven and a half pounds of cuddle bug.  She is the Queen of the house.  She is in charge. 

Her name is Pretty.

She gets along quite well for her age.  Himalayans typically live about 15 years.  She is happy and healthy.  Hoping for more than 15 :)

She isn't quite "perfect".  She has a black ear and a brown ear.  And she doesn't cover her poop.  But she poops in the box.  Her Ruff is kinda rough but she lets me comb it.

And she has only two teeth left.  Lower canines.  Quite common with the breed.  She gets by.  

And she has an orange nose.  And she sneezes a lot.  I rub her nose because it helps keep her sinuses clear.  She appreciates it.

She loves me.  I love her back. 

She reaches her paw out and holds my hand.  She bumps my nose.

I scratch her.

She's a shedder. 


Happy Day.


Vicki said...

She is beautiful! We all could use someone to keep us sane. Mine is three years gone and I still miss her.

Blue said...

Thank you. Funny how we get attached to people and pets... It makes us human, I guess. :)


Adrienne said...

Only 7 1/2 lbs? That's almost as teeny as my precious Erica kitteh (6 lbs.)

Pretty is so very, very pretty. I'm glad you have her and she has you.

Blue said...

Thank you, Dear Adrienne. :)

Anonymous said...

Cats are quite the characters. We have a pair of inside cats, a Burmese named Leo and a Siamese named Sabrina. Both around 10 years old, they keep Life in the household going purrrfectly.

doubletrouble said...

She IS that!

Anonymous said...

She is Pretty! Mine is cute, but her name is Dingus, because she is. :)