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28 October 2020

Pet Snake...

I picked up my copy of Shooting Illustrated from my mailbox back in Mid-September and the new Python was on the cover.  Nice.  So I looked inside and saw she was the centerfold as well.

I took that as a sign and immediately called Ernie, my gun guy down in Marion.  I asked if he had seen it.  Yes, he'd sold a couple.  He shot me a price.  I ordered it.  Took 8 days.  I was happy.

I'm a pushover for shiny wheel guns...  :)

Anyway, Peace.

Stay safe.


taminator013 said...

Good choice. Those are true things of beauty...........

Blue said...

My first Colt. I have several GP100s/SP101s and they are all fine revolvers. But this Python... There is a reason why they are more expensive. :)

Old 1811 said...

I hope you enjoy it. They say the new ones have better triggers than the two I owned from 1979 to about 1982; they were stacky and the trigger blade itself was too narrow.
And they kept the angled recoil step at the top of the backstrap; it will cause the gun to slide down in your hand in recoil with full-house loads. You can fix that with proper aftermarket grips.
Those objections aside, it looks like a nice roscoe, and I hope it gives you many years of enjoyment.

Blue said...

Old 1811... Thank you. I have heard the same things about the new triggers. I fired quite a few rounds through a friend's Python from about that 1979-1982 era that you speak of. At that point in time most of my handgun experience had been with .22 semi auto Rugers and a couple of .22 Ruger revolvers, as well as my 1911 experience in the Army. I didn't know a good trigger from a junk trigger. I also agree that the backstrap will allow the grip to slide in your hand. We can fix that :)

Old 1811 said...

Thank you for replying to me. As I said, I hope you get twice your money's worth of enjoyment out of your new purchase. Being an ORC (Old Revolver Cop), I have a soft spot for revolvers and I like to see other people enjoying them.