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05 March 2021


I almost forgot...

My middle son was off work for a couple of weeks due to the incredibly cold weather so we spent some time together.  Went over by Sioux City one day and he bought a cabover Pete.  Had lunch in Cherokee at a bar and grill called the Gasthaus.  Amazing.

Another morning he messaged me and asked if I wanted to go to lunch at High Life.  He had woken me with his message and my brain said "High Life? In Des Moines?"  So I asked him, in Des Moines?  He said yeah.  Fuck, why not.  It's only two hours.  So we went to Des Moines for lunch.  Stopped at the gun shop on the way out of town.  I ended up with this.  Expensive lunch.

I drank enough beer and whiskey and gin in those two weeks to float a small battleship.  Then my Army buddy came down from Minnesota for the weekend.  Then my son and I went for lunch at Boyd's in Fairbank.  A true dive bar.  The best.  I had Pepsi.  My boy looked at me and asked if I was alright.  I said yeah, no more alcohol for a bit.  What did he do?  Called my Army buddy in Minnesota and told him that I was worn out.




Phil said...

Damn that's a nice looking rig.

Grog said...

Very smooth. Looks like the scope is an 8x32-50, that will be useful.



Blue said...

Phil... Thanks!

Grog... Close. 6-24X50. Most of my scopes are SWFA 10x42 fixed power. I'm used to them :) This is kinda new to me, the variable power AND the 50mm objective. Lots of light. It's a .308, which is a caliber that I like, own, shoot, and am familiar with. It comes with a 20 MOA scope base. Holy crap. I replaced it with a 0 MOA base. I doubt I'll ever shoot far enough, or often enough at that range, to need a 20 MOA base. I'm looking forward to getting to the range. Fortunately, I reload .308 and have plenty of bullets, primers, and powder so that I can shoot a little. :)