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25 September 2012

Ole and Lena...

OLE and LENA...

Lena is pregnant with Ole's child.

Late one night, Lena vakes up Ole and says, 'I tink it's time!'

So Ole fired up the Yohn Deere tractor and took her
to the hospital to have their first baby....

...She had a little boy, and the doctor looked over at Ole and said, 'A
Ain't dat Great!' Well, Ole got excited by dis, but yust den the doctor spoke up and said,
'Hold on! We ain't finished yet!

' The doctor den held up a little girl.. He said, 'Hey, Ole!
You got you a daughter!' She's a pretty little ting, too.'

Ole got kind of puzzled by this, an then the doctor said, 'Holey Moley, Ole we still ain't done yet!'

The doctor then delivered another boy and said, Ole, you yust had yourself another boy!'

Ole was flabbergasted by this news!

A couple days later, Ole brought Lena and their three Children home in the self-propelled combine.
He was real serious and he asked Lena , 'How come we got tree on the first try?'

Lena said, 'You remember dat night we ran out of Vaseline and you vent out in the garage and got dat dere 3-in-1 Oil?'

Ole said, 'Yeah, I do...Uffda!

It's a darn good ting I didn't get the WD-40.

Stay safe.


John Robert Mallernee said...


Brigid said...

My Mom was Norwegian so I know lots of Ole and Lena jokes but never that one. That was great for a belly laugh after a VERY long week or so.

Blue said...

My Mother in Law was Norwegian. My Father in Law is full of Ole and Lena. Good, clean fun :)

Anonymous said...

Lol. I'm with Ole, 40 kids, ugh!

Miss Violet

Blue said...

I can't imagine 40 kids... :)