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30 September 2012

Range time...

 Oldest son...

 Oldest son's 20" AR...

 Reloading a P-Mag...

 Big Thunder...

 Oldest son checking out Big Thunder...

 My first group.  10 rounds.  The 2 flyers were the first two shots.  I was pretty pleased with the other 8 rounds after settling in.   150 gr. FMJBT bullet and 41 gr. H335 powder.

 Second group.  2 clicks right and 5 rounds.  45 gr. BLC(2) powder.

 Third group.  5 rounds.  46 gr. BLC(2) powder.  Better :)

Fourth group.  5 rounds.  47 gr. BLC(2) powder.   Whoa!  Was it me, or was it the load? 

20 rounds factory American Eagle 150 gr FMJBT.

The 10 holes punched by .308 rounds in the 9 and 10 rings were fired by my oldest son with Big Thunder.  He said he needs to shoot it more to get used to the trigger :)  That's my boy!
The .223 rounds were rapid-fired by me from a standing-unsupported position with my M4.  Yes, I fired the rounds that punched the holes in the cardboard below the target, too.  :(

My most basic AR15/M4gery.

Palmetto State Armory upper and lower.  I built 2 of these when they were considerably less expensive than they are today.    Very nice rifles.


The oldest son and I headed out to the range at the nearby county park at about 8:30 yesterday morning.  Shooting starts at 9 and we wanted to be there early to get a bench on one of the 100 yard lanes.  No such luck.  It was easy to do last weekend when it was 35 degrees outside.  It was 50 degrees yesterday and there were people sitting in their vehicles waiting for the 100 and 200 yard benches.  Some were still waiting when we left 2 hours later.

We took the benches to the far left of the 50 yard range.  Not my first choice, but not bad.

The purpose of the trip yesterday was for Carl to zero the scope on his 20" PSA AR  and I wanted to shoot some .308 rounds that I had reloaded.

Carl put quite a few rounds down range and got his scope zero'd and I did what I set out to accomplish.

I'm going to load up a bunch of .308 with 46 grains of BLC(2) and I'm going to mess around a little more with the H335.

Stay safe.


Walter Zoomie said...


Blue said...

Who? Me? :)

How the heck are you doing, Zoomie?

Walter Zoomie said...

Doing OK, man. Your range visit makes me very jealous. I'm REALLY needin' some recoil therapy.

Blue said...

It does a body good.

Bill N. said...

So when you going to put an Aimpoint (T-1 with a Larue mount is nice) on your AR? It is more effective in low light situations.

Six said...

Nice range day Blue. The skills are still sharp as a Ginsu knife.

Blue said...

Bill... I have an Aimpoint Comp M2 on another AR. It works pretty well, though larger than the T-1

Six... It was a good day. Perfect weather and firearms :) What more could one ask for? :)