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10 July 2013

Dumbass... :)

One of my employees.  He has a Mossberg 500 that his father gave him.  He doesn't shoot it much.  He was out of shells so he drove out to Farm and Fleet and grabbed a box.  Remember, he admits that he doesn't shoot much.  The box said 3" Magnum.  He had only shot 2 3/4" shells before.  He didn't realize that there was a difference.  12 gauge is all you need to know, right?  LOL.

Like I said, he doesn't shoot much.

Anyway, the squirrels on his property were bugging him this past Sunday and he decided he was going to kill the little buggars.  Did I mention that he had been drinking?  Not much, but enough.  Obviously.  I told him that you place the stock tight into your shoulder, not on your bicep.  Also, guns and alcohol don't mix.  Ever.  And 3" Magnums are overkill for squirrels.

His woman called him a dumbass, too...

Looks to me like he pulled the trigger before he intended to.  I hope he learned something.  I told him to go get a box of #6 2 3/4s and then call me.  Offered to teach him how to properly use a shotgun.

He missed the squirrel.

Stay safe.


stevierayv said...

Some lessons need to hurt.Some of mine sure did.

Blue said...

Yep. I learned a few things the hard way, too... :)

Anonymous said...

shit, if he would have hit the squirrel all there would be was 4 paws and a tail.
Sounds like his woman was smarter than he was

Blue said...

She's definitely smarter. Better lookin', too!

Brock Townsend said...

I can only imagine if I had done the same with my Saiga 12/TAPCO stock and my loads, believe me, one mag of 10 is all you want even holding it properly.

Anonymous said...

Ouch!...but bwahahahaha. ;)
Miss Violet

Blue said...

Brock... I wouldn't let him anywhere near your Saiga. :)

Miss V. ... Yep :)

GreyLocke said...

A "friend" decided to mess with me one time when I was trying out his 870. He loaded 2, 2 3/4 shells then a 3 1/2 Inch Magnum in the tube before he handed it to me. After firing the Mag shell knocked off my glasses and hat, I handed it back to him saying he should get the choke checked as I think it went flying out of the barrel. It had. 3.5 inch magnum steel load ripped the choke and about 2 inches of his barrel off. And my shoulder was sore for about a week.

Blue said...

GreyLocke... I'll shoot a lot of firearms but I stay completely away from any 12 gauge magnum loads. 2 3/4 standard loads will do anything that I'll need them to do :)

Old Bob said...

I haven't fired a shotgun since 1961, but I will say the guy deserved what he got. It could have been worse: blown his dumb head off.